This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.Presence Namespace

Public classCategoryNotificationEventArgsThis class represents the event arguments for presence category notifications.
Public classContainerMembershipContainerMembership class defines the container membership for individual container.
Public classContainerNotificationEventArgsThis class represents the event arguments for container notifications.
Public classContainerUpdateOperationContainerUpdateOperation class is used to update the container membership, each update can contain a list of multiple operations.
Public classCustomPresenceCategory[Value Needed].
Public classDelegateeDelegatee class defines the delegate information in a Boss/Admin scenario.
Public classDelegatesNotificationEventArgsThis class represents the event arguments for delegate notifications.
Public classLocalOwnerPresenceCreates a PublishSubscribeSession for event "vnd-microsoft-roaming-self".
Public classLocationProfileInstanceClass represents the single instance of the location profile.
Public classLocationProfilesConfigurationClass represents the location profile section of inband provisioning data, which includes instances of location profiles and normalization rules.
Public classMeetingPolicyConfigurationClass represents the meeting policy section of inband provisioning data.
Public classMobilityPolicyConfigurationClass represents the mobility policy section of inband provisioning data.
Public classNormalizationRulesInstanceClass represents the normalization rule instance in the location profile data.
Public classNotificationItem<(Of <(<'T>)>)>[Value Needed].
Public classPidfDocumentThe presence class matching windows messenger.
Public classPresenceCategory
Public classPresenceCategoryWithMetaData
Public classPresenceSubscriptionStateChangedEventArgsIndicates changes in CollaborationSubscriptionState.
Public classProvisioningData[Value Needed].
Public classProvisioningGroupDataRepresents the basic generic provisioning group from inband provisioning data.
Public classPublishSubscribeSessionPublishSubscribeSession class provides a simplified wrapped implementation of ISipSubscriptionProcessor to establish, terminate subscription, processing the SipSubscription event.
Public classRemotePresenceClass which provide easy access to subscribe for presence for given URIs; it encapsulates the concept of batch subscribe and single subscription and handles it internally.
Public classRemotePresenceNotificationEventArgsThis class represents the event arguments for presence notifications in a presence single subscription and presence batch subscription sessions.
Public classRemotePresenceSubscriptionStateChangedEventArgsEventArg to be used to note a Subscription state changed event via an PublishSubscribeSession.
Public classRemotePresentityNotificationDataClass wrapping for the presence notification data, which contain the target URI and list of categoryItems.
Public classRemotePresentitySubscriptionTargetHolds an RealAddress and context data to be used for subscription for this contact.
Public classServerConfigurationRepresents the server configuration section of the inband provisioning data.
Public classSubscriberThe Subscriber class represent watchers who subscribe to presence of others.
Public classSubscriberNotificationEventArgsThis class represents the event arguments for watcher list notifications.
Public classUCPolicyConfiguration
Public classUserSettingConfigurationClass represents the user setting section of the inband provisioning data.

Public enumerationActivityStatusThis enum is the union of all status possible in all activities.
Public enumerationCollaborationSubscriptionStateIndicates the current state of the subscription object.
Public enumerationExpiryPolicyExpiry Type for publication.
Public enumerationPresenceAvailabilityPresence availability values.
Public enumerationPublishOperationPublish operation add/delete/update.
Public enumerationSubscriptionStateTransitionReasonIndicates whether the subscription state transition is caused by the server or the client.