Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.PinManagement Namespace

  Class Description
Public class ApplicationPinServices Represents pin services available to an application.
Public class PinCommandOptions Represents common options that an application can set to customize a specific pin command.
Public class PinFailureException Defines the exception to capture error conditions associated with pin operations.
Public class PinServices Represents the base class for services related to pin management.
Public class PinVerificationResult Represents the pin verification result EndVerifyPin(IAsyncResult)
Public class UpdatePinOptions Represents optional parameters when updating to a new pin.
Public class UpdatePinResult Represents the update pin operation result EndUpdatePin(IAsyncResult).
Public class UserPinServices Represents pin services available to a user.
Public class VerifyPinOptions Represents optional parameters to use when verifying pin.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PinFailureReason Represents various reasons associate with a pin operation failure.