ChatRoomParticipant members

Lync 2013

Represents a user that is actively joined to a ChatRoomSession.

The ChatRoomParticipant type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property EntityGuid Gets the entity GUID which identifies this user to the system.
Public property IsManager Gets a value indicating whether this participant is a manager of this chat room.
Public property IsPresenter Gets a value indicating whether this participant is a presenter on this chat room. This value is only used when a chat room is configured as an auditorium. (see IsAuditorium)
Public property Name Gets the name of the user represented by this instance.
Public property SipUri Gets the SIP URI of this participant.

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  Name Description
Public operator Static member Implicit(ChatRoomParticipant to PersistentChatPrincipalSummary) Performs an implicit conversion from ChatRoomParticipant to PersistentChatPrincipalSummary. The ActiveDirectoryPath is unavailable in this context, and will be null on the returned object. Additionally, the Type of the user is unknown in this context, and will always be set to LocalUser on the returned object.