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GroupChatFederatedUserGroupInformation Members

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Information needed for updating a federated user group through BeginUpdateUserOrGroupInformation(GroupChatPrincipalInformation, AsyncCallback, Object).

The GroupChatFederatedUserGroupInformation type exposes the following members.

Public methodGroupChatFederatedUserGroupInformationInitializes a new instance of the GroupChatFederatedUserInformation class.

Public propertyArePermissionsInheritedGets or sets a value indicating whether permissions are inherited. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)
Public propertyCanUploadFilesGets or sets a value indicating whether this principal can upload files. The value of this property may be hidden if ArePermissionsInherited is true. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)
Public propertyChangeHistoryGets the change history of this principal. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)
Public propertyEntityGuidGets the entity GUID which identifies this user or user group to the system. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)
Public propertyIsChatRoomAdministratorFederated users cannot be granted administrator privileges.
Public propertyIsUserAdministratorFederated users cannot be granted administrator privileges.
Public propertyMemberOfGets a collection of objects which describe the user groups to which this principal belongs. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)
Public propertyNameGets or sets the name of the federated user group. Unlike local (Active Directory based) users and groups, the name of a federated user or group is editable in the group chat database.
Public propertyPrincipalTypeGets the type of principal represented by this instance. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)
Public propertyTypeGets the type of principal represented by this instance. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)
Public propertyUriGets the URI for this principal. Users have SIP URIs, and groups have URIs of the form 'ma-grp:@u.g'. (Inherited from GroupChatPrincipalInformation.)

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Protected methodToLegacyPrincipalDataInternal use only: Converts this object into a legacy PrincipalData object, suitable for delivery to the protocol layer. (Overrides GroupChatUserGroupInformation.ToLegacyPrincipalData().)
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