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GroupChatEndpoint Members

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An endpoint which is the basis for all communication with the Group Chat server. This endpoint represents a single connection to a single group chat server, using an existing LocalEndpoint instance.

The GroupChatEndpoint type exposes the following members.

Public methodGroupChatEndpoint(Uri, LocalEndpoint)Initializes a new instance of the GroupChatEndpoint class.
Public methodGroupChatEndpoint(Uri, LocalEndpoint, String)Initializes a new instance of the GroupChatEndpoint class for use by ASP.NET web applications in which the logging options can be configured through a web.config file.

Public propertyActiveChatRoomSessionsGets a copy of the collection of currently active ChatRoomSession instances. Only those sessions which have successfully joined a chat room are included in the collection of ActiveChatRoomSessions. This property returns copy of the endpoint's collection. To access a single active ChatRoomSession by name, without incurring this overhead, use the indexer (see Item[String]).
Public propertyGroupChatServicesAn object which provides access to a wide variety of group chat features and services. All administrative functionality and client services, with the exception of establishing a ChatRoomSession, are exposed through this object.
Public propertyInnerEndpointGets the inner endpoint which provides a conduit for delivery of messages between this client and the group chat servers.
Public propertyItem[String]Gets an active ChatRoomSession with the specified name. The name is not case sensitive.
Public propertyItem[Uri]Gets an active ChatRoomSession with the specified URI.
Public propertyStateGets a value indicating whether this endpoint is connected to a Group Chat server.

Public methodBeginEstablishEstablish a connection with the Group Chat server.
Public methodBeginTerminateTerminate an established connection with the Group Chat server, and clean up all resources associated with the connection.
Public methodEndEstablishCompletes the asynchronous request initiated by BeginEstablish(AsyncCallback, Object).
Public methodEndTerminateCompletes the asynchronous request initiated by BeginTerminate(AsyncCallback, Object).
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Public eventChatRoomInvitationReceivedOccurs when a chat room invitation is received.
Public eventConnectionStateChangedOccurs when the connection state of this endpoint changes.