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Conversation Members

The class description.

The Conversation type exposes the following members.

Public methodConversation(LocalEndpoint)Creates an outgoing conversation that starts as a conference.
Public methodConversation(LocalEndpoint, ConversationSettings)Creates an outgoing conversation with given settings and starts as a conference.

Public propertyActiveMediaTypesGets the list of active media types for this conversation.
Public propertyApplicationContextGets or sets the application context.
Public propertyCallsGets the list of established calls from the conversation.
Public propertyConferenceSessionGets the conference session for this conversation.
Public propertyEndpointGets the endpoint of the conversation.
Public propertyId
Public propertyLocalParticipantGets the local participant used for the conversation.
Public propertyPriorityGets the priority of the conversation.
Public propertyRemoteParticipantsGets the list of remote participants.
Public propertyStateGets the current state of the conversation.
Public propertySubjectGets the subject of the conversation.

Public methodBeginEscalateToConference
Public methodBeginInviteRemoteParticipants(IEnumerable<(Of <<'(String>)>>), ToastMessage, AsyncCallback, Object)Invites remote participants to the conversation.
Public methodBeginInviteRemoteParticipants(IEnumerable<(Of <<'(String>)>>), IEnumerable<(Of <<'(String>)>>), ToastMessage, AsyncCallback, Object)Invites remote participants to the conversation.
Public methodBeginTerminate
Public methodBeginUpdatePropertiesUpdates the properties of the conversation.
Public methodEndEscalateToConferenceWaits for the EscalateToConference operation to complete.
Public methodEndInviteRemoteParticipantsWaits for the BeginInviteRemoteParticipants operation to complete.
Public methodEndTerminateWaits for the pending terminate operation.
Public methodEndUpdatePropertiesCompleted the Update conversation property operation.
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Public methodImpersonateImpersonate as different user.
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Public eventEscalateToConferenceRequestedRaised when the existing remote participant requests to escalate the conversation into a conference.
Public eventInviteRemoteParticipantUpdateRaised when the operation to add remote participants to the conversation has completed sending the invitation to a specific participant.
Public eventParticipantPropertiesChangedRaised when one or more properties of a remote participant have changed.
Public eventPropertiesChangedRaised when one or more properties are changed in the conversation.
Public eventRemoteParticipantAttendanceChangedRaised when remote participants join or leave the conversation.
Public eventStateChangedRaised when the state of the conversation changes.