ConferencingRosterVisibility Enumeration

Represents the visibility of the participant in the conference roster.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration
Assembly:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)

public enum ConferencingRosterVisibility

Member nameDescription
None Not applicable or uninitialized.

Used for two-party conversation participants only.

Visible Visible to roster.

Used for multi-party conversation participants.

Hidden Invisible to roster.

Used for multi-party conversation participants.

A conversation participant with hidden roster visibility is a trusted application that performs specific conference services. An example is a trusted application which announces conference roster events to participants who join the conference through audio only. A client application such as Microsoft Lync 2010 will not display such applications in the roster UI.

Conference participants can be users or trusted applications that perform specific conferencing services. Applications will still receive notification events for hidden participants, however, most applications with a user interface (UI) are expected to check for hidden participants and not show them in the UI.