ConferenceSessionState enumeration

Lync 2013

The state of the conference session.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration
Assembly:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)

public enum ConferenceSessionState

Member nameDescription
Idle The session has not connected yet.
Connecting The session is attempting to join the conference
Connected The session is joined to a conference.
Disconnecting The session is leaving the conference.
Disconnected The session has left the conference.
Reconnecting The session is reconnecting to a conference.
InLobby The session is connected to the conference lobby.

Applications in this state receive limited conference information, therefore not all the ConferenceSession properties will be populated. Also the application will not receive any information about other participants in the conference or waiting in the lobby.

When the application is admitted into the conference, the next state becomes Connected. It is possible that while in this state the conference session transitions to the Reconnecting in order to restore the connection back to the conference lobby.