Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.ConferenceManagement namespace

Lync 2013

  Class Description
Public class ConferenceMcuInformation Information required to add MCUs to the conference.
Public class ConferenceParticipantInformation This class represents the information necessary for each participant when scheduling a conference.
Public class ConferencePhoneInformation Represents information about a phone conference.
Public class ConferenceScheduleInformation Represents information to be used in scheduling and updating conferences.
Public class ConferenceServices This class performs several conference management operations including scheduling a conference, modifying and deleting a scheduled conference.
Public class ConferenceSummary Conference summary information.
Public class McuPropertyName Represents constants for known property names that can be found in responses to commands.
Public class McuType Represents the available MCU types.
Public class PhoneAccessInformation Represents directory, region, and phone number information.
Public class PhoneAccessNumber Represents an access number and its corresponding region.