ConferenceInvitationStatus Enumeration

NOTE: This API is now obsolete.

This enumerated type will be removed from future versions. Instead use BeginDeliver and EndDeliver methods on ConferenceInvitation. Represents the possible responses to a ConferenceInvitation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration
Assembly:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)

[ObsoleteAttribute("This enum will be removed from future versions. See ConferenceInvitation.EndDeliver for more information")]
public enum ConferenceInvitationStatus

Member nameDescription
NoneObsolete. Not set.
AcceptedObsolete. Invitation was accepted.
DeclinedObsolete. Invitation was declined.
DialOutRequestedObsolete. Invitation was declined with a request for dial out from the MCU.

When this response to an invitation is returned, the MCU should dial out to the invited participant as a normal P2P session.

NotSupportedObsolete. Invitations are not supported by the remote client.

The values in this enumeration were used by Conversation.BeginInviteRemoteParticipants and Conversation.EndInviteRemoteParticipants, both of which will be removed from future versions. Instead, the BeginDeliver and EndDeliver methods on the ConferenceInvitation class should be used. ConferenceInvitation.EndDeliver throws an exception if a conference invitation cannot be delivered, eliminating the need for the members of this enumerated type.