Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.ComponentModel Namespace

  Class Description
Public class CallFactory Provides call creation services to the collaboration platform.
Public class FlowConfigurationRequestedEventArgs EventArg containing the newly created MediaFlow.
Public class InviteReceivedEventArgs Base class providing access to SIP INVITE related data.
Public class McuParticipantEndpointProperties Represents instances of properties common to all McuSession participants.
Public class MediaBasedFactory An extension to the platform that is specific to a media type.
Public class MediaFlow Represents the basic flow for consuming media.
Public class MediaProvider Represents the class, which facilitates SDP offer/answer negotiation for the Call.
Public class MediaProviderFactory Provides media provider creation services to the collaboration platform.
Public class OfferAnswerContext Represents a container for the information from the call, which is required by MediaProvider to identify the call.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SdpOfferAnswerReason Represents the reason for requesting an SDP offer/answer from MediaProvider.