This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Call Members

Represents a basic call to handle an SDP offer/answer based invite session.

The Call type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCallInitializes the call for a given conversation.

Public propertyActiveMediaTypesGet the list of active media types for this call.
Public propertyApplicationContextGets or sets the application context.
Public propertyCallIdGets callId for the primary session sip dialog.
Protected propertyCanBeDeflectedGets the value indicating if the call has potential to be deflected to a target other than the original target.
Protected propertyCanHandleTransferReceivedFlag indicating whether call is handling the incoming refer messages.
Public propertyConversationGets the conversation that holds this call.
Public propertyDefaultMediaTypeGets the default media type for this call.
Public propertyIsEarlyMediaSupportedGets or sets the flag to indicate if the call supports the reliable provisional response for early media.
Public propertyIsReplacesSupportedProperty to turn off and on the supported capability header.
Public propertyIsThirdPartyCallControlGets or sets the flag to indicate that the call is used in a 3rd party call control scenario.
Public propertyLocalTagLocalTag for the call.
Public propertyOriginalDestinationUriGets the original destination URI of this call.
Public propertyRemoteEndpointGets the remote endpoint of the call.
Public propertyRemoteEndpointPropertiesGets the call specific properties of the remote participant endpoint of this call.
Public propertyRemoteTagRemote tag for the call.
Public propertyStateGets the current call state.
Public propertySupportedMediaTypesGets the list of supported media types for this call.

Public methodBeginAccept(AsyncCallback, Object)Accepts an incoming session and adds the given headers.
Public methodBeginAccept(CallAcceptOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)Accepts an incoming session and adds the given headers.
Public methodBeginEstablish(AsyncCallback, Object)Establishes an outgoing call.
Public methodBeginEstablish(CallEstablishOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)Establishes an outgoing call.
Public methodBeginEstablish(String, CallEstablishOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public methodBeginSendInfo
Protected methodBeginSendMessageSends a message to the specified remote participant.
Protected methodBeginSendReliableProvisionalResponseSends a reliable provisional response.
Public methodBeginTerminate(AsyncCallback, Object)Terminates the session.
Public methodBeginTerminate(IEnumerable<(Of <<'(SignalingHeader>)>>), AsyncCallback, Object)Terminates the session.
Protected methodBeginTransfer(String, CallTransferOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Protected methodBeginTransfer(Call, CallTransferOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)Intiates a transfer request to the remote participant of the current call to replace another existing call in Attended type.
Public methodBindMediaProvider
Public methodDecline()()()()Decline an incoming call with 486 (Busy Here) response code.
Public methodDecline(CallDeclineOptions)Decline an incoming call with options.
Public methodEndAccept
Public methodEndEstablishEnd the Async operation initiated by BeginEstablish() call.
Public methodEndSendInfoComplete the SendInfo operation that was initiated earlier.
Protected methodEndSendMessageWaits for the pending SendMessage operation to complete.
Protected methodEndSendReliableProvisionalResponseWaits for the pending SendReliableProvisionalResponse operation.
Public methodEndTerminateReturns the results of the terminate operation.
Protected methodEndTransferComplete the pending transfer operation that was initiated earlier.
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Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodForward(String)Forward the call to the specified target URI with a response code 303.
Protected methodForward(String, CallForwardOptions)Redirect the call to a different target URI.
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Protected methodGetMediaForDialReplaces
Public methodGetNewEarlyDialogReturns the dialog context for the new early dialog.
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Protected methodHandleFlowConfigurationRequested
Protected methodHandleForwardReceived
Protected methodHandleMessageReceivedHandle the message received on the call, returns true if call is handling the message.
Protected methodHandleStateChangeProtected method to indicate state change to derive call.
Protected methodHandleTransferNotificationReceived
Protected methodHandleTransferReceivedA method must be implemented by the derived class to handle the transfer received event.
Public methodIsSupportedMediaTypeDetermines whether 'mediaType' is one of the supported media types.
Protected methodMakeCallbackInvokes a specified call using the application's queue for the events.
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodProcessIncomingInviteHeadersCheck the interesting headers for the call and initialize the needed call properties.
Protected methodRaiseEvent<(Of <<'(TEventArg>)>>)Raises a generic event with a specific event argument type.
Protected methodSendProvisionalResponseSends a provisional response synchronously.
Public methodToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodUnbindMediaProviderRemove the bound media provider currently bound.

Public eventConversationChangedRaised when this call is moved to a derived conversation.
Public eventInfoReceivedRaised when an INFO message is received on this call.
Public eventProvisionalResponseReceivedRaised when a provisional response is received for the outgoing INVITE.
Public eventRemoteParticipantChangedRaised when the remote participant that accepted this call cannot be verified as matching the original participant invited.
Public eventStateChangedRaised when the state of the call changes.