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Call Methods

Call Methods

The Call type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method BeginAccept(AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BeginAccept(CallAcceptOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BeginEstablish(AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BeginEstablish(CallEstablishOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BeginEstablish(String, CallEstablishOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Protected method BeginHandleTermination
Public method BeginSendInfo Obsolete.
Protected method BeginSendMessage
Protected method BeginSendReliableProvisionalResponse
Public method BeginTerminate(AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BeginTerminate(CallTerminateOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BeginTerminate(IEnumerable<SignalingHeader>, AsyncCallback, Object)
Protected method BeginTransfer(String, CallTransferOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Protected method BeginTransfer(Call, CallTransferOptions, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BindMediaProvider
Public method Decline()
Public method Decline(CallDeclineOptions)
Public method EndAccept
Public method EndEstablish
Protected method EndHandleTermination
Public method EndSendInfo Obsolete.
Protected method EndSendMessage
Protected method EndSendReliableProvisionalResponse
Public method EndTerminate
Protected method EndTransfer
Public method Equals (inherited from Object)
Protected method Finalize (inherited from Object)
Protected method Forward(String)
Protected method Forward(String, CallForwardOptions)
Public method GetActiveMediaTypes
Public method GetHashCode (inherited from Object)
Protected method GetMediaForDialReplaces
Public method GetNewEarlyDialog
Public method GetTraceCorrelationID
Public method GetType (inherited from Object)
Protected method HandleCallMessageReceived
Protected method HandleFlowConfigurationRequested
Protected method HandleForwardReceived
Protected method HandleMessageReceived Obsolete.
Protected method HandleStateChange
Protected method HandleTransferNotificationReceived
Protected method HandleTransferReceived
Public method IsSupportedMediaType
Protected method MakeCallback
Protected method MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)
Protected method ProcessIncomingInviteHeaders
Protected method RaiseEvent<TEventArg>
Protected method SendProvisionalResponse
Public method ToString (inherited from Object)
Public method UnbindMediaProvider
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