AudioVideoCall Events

The AudioVideoCall type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public event AudioVideoFlowConfigurationRequested Raised when AudioVideoFlow is created. Applications can use this event handler to register for flow related event handlers and optionally set flow configuration.
Public event CallMessageReceived Raised when a SIP message is received in this call.
Public event ConversationChanged (inherited from Call)
Public event Forwarded Raised when the call is forwarded.
Public event InfoReceived Obsolete. (inherited from Call)
Public event MediaTroubleshootingDataReported Raised when the current call has media troubleshooting data to be reported to the application.
Public event ProvisionalResponseReceived (inherited from Call)
Public event RemoteParticipantChanged (inherited from Call)
Public event RouteSetStatusChanged (inherited from Call)
Public event StateChanged (inherited from Call)
Public event TransferReceived Raised when the current call is transferred.
Public event TransferStateChanged Raised when the state of the transfer changes as notified by the remote participant.