CoefficientsCombineMode Enumeration

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When two materials come in contact the physics engine needs a way to combine the two sets of coefficients. Other than trial and error, there is no sure way to choose this combination mode, for each pair of shapes/materials

Namespace: Microsoft.Robotics.Simulation.Physics.Proxy
Assembly: SimulationCommon.Proxy (in SimulationCommon.Proxy.dll) Version:

[DataContractAttribute(Namespace = "")]
[XmlRootAttribute(Namespace = "", 
	ElementName = "CoefficientsCombineMode")]
public enum CoefficientsCombineMode

Member nameValueDescription
Unspecified0 Default, physics engine will use defau;t
Min1 Use smallest set of values
Multiply2 Combine by multiplying together
Average3 Combine by averaging
Max4 Use largest set of values