Microsoft.Robotics.Simulation.Physics.Proxy Namespace

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Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

  Class Description
Public class BoxShape
Box shape
Public class BoxShapeProperties
Box shape properties
Public class CapsuleShape
Capsule shape
Public class CapsuleShapeProperties
Capsule shape properties (cylinder with hemispherical ends).

Capsule dimensions should use Shape.Dimensions.Y for height of the cylinder portion of the capsule and Shape.Radius for the width
Public class ContactNotificationFilter
Contact notification filter, applied on every contact to reduce notification load
Public class Contract
Public class ConvexMeshShape
Convex mesh shape
Public class ConvexMeshShapeProperties
Given an arbitrary triangle mesh, a convex shape will be used to describe it

Vertices should be ordered as triangle lists
Public class EntityContactNotification
Contact notification, generated when one or more physics shapes from two entities touch
Public class EntityJointBreakNotification
Joint break notification, generated when a joint breaks in the simulator
Public class HeightFieldShape
Height field shape
Public class HeightFieldShapeProperties
Height field shape properties
Public class MassDensity
Mass and density for entities and shapes.
Public class MaterialAdvancedProperties
Advanced physical properties for material
Public class MaterialOpticalProperties
Optical and radiation related material properties
Public class MaterialProperties
Describes the material covering a physical shape.
Public class MeshShapeProperties
Shape based on arbitrary geometry (list of vertices)
Public class RaycastImpactPoint
Raycast impact point
Public class RaycastProperties
Raycast operation properties
Public class RaycastResult
Raycast operation results
Public class Shape
Shape instance. Models behavior of the shape, while ShapeProperties models the state of the shape
Public class ShapeAdvancedProperties
Advanced physical properties
Public class ShapeContact
Contact information for a shape
Public class ShapeContactPoint
Contact information for a point on a shape surface
Public class ShapeProperties
Common shape properties
Public class SphereShape
Sphere shape
Public class SphereShapeProperties
A sphere shape
Public class TriangleMeshShape
Triangle mesh shape
Public class TriangleMeshShapeProperties
An arbitrary triangle mesh
Public class WheelShape
Wheel shape
Public class WheelShapeProperties
Advanced shape that models a wheel with tires mounted on an axle with suspension

Use Shape.Radius to define wheel radius

  Structure Description
Public structure HeightFieldSample
Height field sample structure

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CoefficientsCombineMode
When two materials come in contact the physics engine needs a way to combine the two sets of coefficients. Other than trial and error, there is no sure way to choose this combination mode, for each pair of shapes/materials
Public enumeration ContactNotificationStage
Stage of contact between two shapes
Public enumeration EntitySimulationModifiers
Entity simulation behaviors
Public enumeration Shapes
Shape identifiers
Public enumeration WheelShapeBehavior
Defines wheel physics behavior