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TerrainEntity Class

Microsoft Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Class Reference
Basic terrain entity, read from file height data and builds a matrix of ageia heightfields, a rendering mesh is created for each chunk rendering uses frustum culling to reduce chunks to be rendered

Namespace: Microsoft.Robotics.Simulation.Engine.Proxy
Assembly: SimulationEngine.Proxy (in SimulationEngine.Proxy.dll) Version:

[DataContractAttribute(Namespace = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/robotics/2006/04/simulationengine.html")]
[XmlRootAttribute(Namespace = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/robotics/2006/04/simulationengine.html", 
	ElementName = "TerrainEntity")]
public class TerrainEntity : VisualEntity, 
	IDssSerializable, ICloneable
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