Microsoft.Robotics.Services.SingleAxisJoint.Proxy Namespace
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Microsoft.Robotics.Services.SingleAxisJoint.Proxy Namespace

Microsoft Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

  Class Description
Public class Contract
Public class JointCommand
Contains commanded elements of a joint.
Public class JointFeedback
Contains feedback elements of a joint
Public class JointInformation
Contains informational elements of a joint.
Public class RotateSingleAxisRequest
Request for rotating a single axis.
Public class SetPDGainsRequest
Request type for setting PD gains of a joint.
Public class SingleAxisJointState
SingleAxisJoint state
Public class UpdateJointMotionBlockRequest
Message body for UpdateJointMotionBlockRequest request.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration JointStates
Possible states of the joints.
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