CancelPendingDriveOperation Class

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Cancel Pending Drive Operation (used internally)

Used to cancel drive operations that are monitoring the internal drive cancellation port.

This type is internal to a service that implements the generic differential drive contract.

cancels long running commands (drive distance or rotate degrees)

Namespace: Microsoft.Robotics.Services.Drive.Proxy
Assembly: RoboticsCommon.Proxy (in RoboticsCommon.Proxy.dll) Version:

[DataContractAttribute(Namespace = "")]
[XmlRootAttribute(Namespace = "", 
	ElementName = "CancelPendingDriveOperation")]
public class CancelPendingDriveOperation : Update<CancelPendingDriveOperationRequest, PortSet<DefaultUpdateResponseType, Fault>>, 
	IDssSerializable, ICloneable