Microsoft.Robotics.Services.Drive.Proxy Namespace

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Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

  Class Description
Public class AllStop
Emergency Stop

overrides long running commands
Public class AllStopRequest
Emergency stop
Public class CancelPendingDriveOperation
Cancel Pending Drive Operation (used internally)

Used to cancel drive operations that are monitoring the internal drive cancellation port.

This type is internal to a service that implements the generic differential drive contract.

cancels long running commands (drive distance or rotate degrees)
Public class CancelPendingDriveOperationRequest
Cancel Pending Drive Operation Request Request (cancels a pending driveDistance or RotateDegrees request)
Public class CombinedOperationsPort
Public class Contract
Drive Differential Two Wheel Service Implementation
Public class DriveDifferentialTwoWheelState
Differential Drive State Definition
Public class DriveDistance
Operation drive a specified distance, then stop
Public class DriveDistanceRequest
Drive straight for specified distance
Public class DriveOperations
Drive Operations Port
Public class EnableDrive
Operation Enable Drive
Public class EnableDriveRequest
Enables or disables the drive
Public class Get
Operation Retrieve Drive State
Public class Partners
Public class ReliableSubscribe
Operation to reliable subscribe to drive notifications
Public class ResetEncoders
Resets encoders
Public class ResetEncodersRequest
Reset encoders request
Public class RotateDegrees
Request the drive to rotate or turn in position (positive values turn counterclockwise).
Public class RotateDegreesRequest
Request the drive to rotate or turn in position (positive values turn counterclockwise).
Public class SetDrivePower
Operation Update Motor Power
Public class SetDrivePowerRequest
Update the target power of each motor.
Public class SetDriveSpeed
Operation Update Motor Speed
Public class SetDriveSpeedRequest
Update the target speed of a motor.

set speed for each wheel in meters per second
Public class SetMotorUriRequest
Set Motor Uri Request
Public class Subscribe
Operation to subscribe to drive notifications
Public class Update
Operation Update Drive State

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DriveRequestOperation
The request operation
Public enumeration DriveStage
The status of the current drive operation (driveDistance or rotateDegrees) Only one operation can be pending (else it is canceled). Stage transitions: InitialRequest -> Started -> Completed Or: InitialRequest -> Started -> Canceled
Public enumeration DriveState
The current Drive State