Microsoft.Robotics.Services.ArticulatedArm.Proxy Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class ArticulatedArmOperations
ArticulatedArm Port
Public class ArticulatedArmState
Articulated Arm State
Public class CombinedOperationsPort
Public class Contract
The Dss Contract Definition
Public class Get
Operation Get: Gets the state
Public class GetEndEffectorPose
Queries end effector Pose
Public class GetEndEffectorPoseRequest
Requests end effector Pose
Public class GetEndEffectorPoseResponse
End Effector Pose
Public class ReliableSubscribe
Operation Subscribe to bumper
Public class Replace
Operation Replace: Configures arm
Public class SetEndEffectorPose
Sets the end effector Pose
Public class SetEndEffectorPoseRequest
Sets the end effector joint state
Public class SetJointTargetPose
Operation SetJointTargetPosition: Set target position and/or orientation for joint
Public class SetJointTargetPoseRequest
Set Joint Target Pose Request
Public class SetJointTargetVelocity
Operation SetJointTargetVelocity: Sets target linear or angular velocity depending on joint type
Public class SetJointTargetVelocityRequest
Set Joint Target Velocity Request
Public class Subscribe
Operation Subscribe to bumper