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Style.StyleName Enumeration

Contains the list of available styles for the Style class.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportRendering
Assembly:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore.dll)

public enum StyleName

Member nameDescription
BackgroundColorColor of the background.
BorderColorColor of the border if not set for any particular border. In the event two borders overlap and Zorder cannot determine precedence, the lower color number should be used for the overlapping region.
BorderColorBottomBottom border color
BorderColorLeftLeft border color
BorderColorRightRight border color
BorderColorTopTop border color
BorderStyleStyle of the border if not set for any particular border. In the event two borders overlap and Z-order cannot determine precedence, the style closest to the end of the enumeration list is used for the overlapping region.
BorderStyleBottomBottom border style
BorderStyleLeftLeft border style
BorderStyleRightRight border style
BorderStyleTopTop border style
BorderWidthWidth of the border if not set for any particular border. Borders are centered on the edge of the object, if possible. In the event two borders overlap and Z-order cannot determine precedence, the wider border is used for the overlapping region.
BorderWidthBottomBottom border width
BorderWidthLeftLeft border width
BorderWidthRightRight border width
BorderWidthTopTop border width
CalendarIndicates the calendar to use for formatting dates. Must be compatible in .NET Framework with the Language setting. Valid values:Gregorian | Gregorian Arabic | Gregorian Middle East French | Gregorian Transliterated English | Gregorian Transliterated French | Gregorian US English | Hebrew | Hijri | Japanese | Korea | Taiwan | Thai Buddhist.
ColorThe foreground color.
DirectionIndicates whether text is written left-to-right or right-to-left and whether matrixes grow to the right (headers on the left) or left (headers on the right). Valid values: LTR | RTL.
FontFamilyName of the font family.
FontSizeSize of the font.
FontStyleFont style: Normal | Italic 
FontWeightThickness of the font.
Format.NET Framework formatting string.
LanguageThe primary language of the text.
LineHeightHeight of a line of text.
NumeralLanguageThe digit format to use as described by its primary language. Any language is legal.
NumeralVariantThe variant of the digit format to use. Currently defined values are:

1: follow Unicode context rules.

2: 0123456789.

3: traditional digits for the script as defined in GDI+. Currently supported for: ar | bn | bo | fa | gu | hi | kn | kok | lo | mr | ms | or | pa | sa | ta | te | th | ur and variants.

4: ko, ja, zh-CHS, zh-CHT only.

5: ko, ja, zh-CHS, zh-CHT only.

6: ko, ja, zh-CHS, zh-CHT only [Wide versions of regular digits].

7: ko only.

PaddingBottomPadding below the object.
PaddingLeftPadding to the left of the object.
PaddingRightPadding to the right of the object.
PaddingTopPadding above the object.
TextAlignHorizontal alignment of the text: Left | Center | Right | Justify | General.
TextDecorationText formatting: Underline | Overline | LineThrough | None.
UnicodeBiDiIndicates the level of embedding with respect to the bidirectional algorithm. Valid values: Normal | Embed | BiDi-Override.
VerticalAlignVertical alignment of the text: Top | Middle | Bottom.
WritingModeWhether the text is written lr-tb or tb-rl.

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