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Report Class

Contains properties, data, and layout information for the report. The Report class is the root of the Report object model. This class cannot be inherited.


Namespace:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportRendering
Assembly:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore.dll)

public sealed class Report

The Report type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAuthorGets the name of the author of the report.
Public propertyAutoRefreshIndicates, in seconds, how often to refresh the report.
Public propertyBodyGets the body of the report, as a rectangle.
Public propertyBottomMarginGets the width of the bottom margin.
Public propertyCacheStateGets or sets a value that indicates that objects to be rendered should be cached.
Public propertyColumnsGets the default number of columns for rendering the report.
Public propertyColumnSpacingGets the default spacing between the columns, including the unit designator.
Public propertyCustomGets the contents of the Custom tag in the definition.
Public propertyCustomPropertiesReturns a collection of custom properties for the report.
Public propertyDataElementNameGets the name of a top level element that represents the report data.
Public propertyDataElementStyleGets a value that indicates whether text boxes should render as elements or attributes.
Public propertyDataSchemaGets the schema or namespace to use for a report data rendering.
Public propertyDataSetNameGets the name of the dataset.
Public propertyDataTransformGets the location to a transformation to apply to a report data rendering.
Public propertyDescriptionGets the description of the report.
Public propertyExecutionTimeGets the date and time that the report was generated.
Public propertyHasBookmarksGets a value that indicates whether the report contains bookmarks.
Public propertyInDocumentMapGets a value that indicates whether the report has a document map.
Public propertyLeftMarginGets the width of the left margin.
Public propertyLocationGets the location of the report as an absolute URL, encoded with ReplacementRoot, if necessary.
Public propertyNameGets the name of the report.
Public propertyNeedsHeaderFooterEvaluationGets a value that indicates whether this page header or page footer needs to be evaluated during rendering.
Public propertyNumberOfPagesGets the number of pages in the report.
Public propertyPageFooterGets the contents of the page footer when the NeedsHeaderFooterEvaluation property is false.
Public propertyPageHeaderGets the contents of the page header when the NeedsHeaderFooterEvaluation property is false.
Public propertyPageHeightGets the height of the page.
Public propertyPagesGets an object containing pagination information.
Public propertyPageWidthGets the width of the paper page.
Public propertyParametersGets the parameters for the report.
Public propertyRenderingInfoGets or sets data to be used by the rendering extension. This data is specific to the current instance of the report item.
Public propertyReportLanguageGets the language of the report.
Public propertyRightMarginGets the width of the left margin.
Public propertySharedRenderingInfoGets or sets shared data for use in future rendering extensions.
Public propertyShowHideStateChangedGets a value that indicates whether the show/hide state of the report snapshot has changed.
Public propertyShowHideToggleGets the identifier of the toggle item that was toggled by the user.
Public propertySortItemThe ID the sort item, if the user clicks a particular sort item.
Public propertyTopMarginGets the width of the top margin.
Public propertyUniqueNameGets the unique name for this report.
Public propertyWidthGets the width of the report.

Public methodEnableNativeCustomReportItem()Configures the rendering object model to make custom report items available.
Public methodEnableNativeCustomReportItem(String)Configures the rendering object model to make custom report items of the given type available.
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFindFinds the report item in the report with the given unique name.
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetReportUrlBuilderCreates a ReportUrlBuilder from an initial URL, optionally using a replacement URL root.
Public methodGetResourceReturns the requested resource and its MIME type.
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodStreamURLReturns the URL needed to retrieve this stream from another. Works with the CreateAndRegisterStream delegate function.
Public methodToString (Inherited from Object.)

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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