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ScaleLabels Properties

The ScaleLabels type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AllowUpsideDown Indicates that labels can be rotated by more than 90 degrees.
Public property ComponentMetadata Gets or sets the component metadata. (Inherited from ReportObject.)
Public property DistanceFromScale Distance from the labels to the scale, as a percentage of the scale size (radius for radial scales, length for linear scales).
Public property FontAngle Angle the text rotation.
Public property Hidden Indicates the labels are hidden.
Public property Interval Interval between labels.
Public property IntervalOffset Offset for the first label.
Public property Parent The parent of this report object. (Inherited from ReportObjectBase.)
Public property Placement Determines where the labels should be placed relative to the scale.
Public property RotateLabels Indicates the text rotates along with the scale.
Public property ShowEndLabels Indicates the labels at the ends of the scale should be shown.
Public property Site Infrastructure. Gets or sets the site associated with the ReportObject object. (Inherited from ReportObject.)
Public property Style Gets the style properties of this report definition object.
Public property UseFontPercent Determines if the font size is measured as a percentage of the parent, or in specified units.

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