Microsoft.ReportingServices.RdlObjectModel Namespace

Contains the classes used by the RDL object model. The RDL object model is useful for manipulating the report during report processing to customize the report's data or appearance before the report is rendered.

Public classActionContains a hyperlink, bookmark link, or drillthrough action that is associated with a report item.
Public classActionInfoContains a list of actions and action style that are associated with a report item.
Public classAltReportItemRepresents a report item to use in cases where the custom report item is not supported by the server or the render.
Public classArgumentConstraintExceptionOccurs when the value of a property is outside of the constraint applied.
Public classArgumentTooLargeExceptionOccurs when the value of a property is greater than the maximum value allowed.
Public classArgumentTooSmallExceptionOccurs when the value of a property is lower than the minimum value allowed.
Public classBackFrameRepresents the frame and frame background for a gauge or gauge panel.
Public classBackgroundImageRepresents a background image in the report definition.
Public classBaseGaugeImageRepresents an image that is displayed as a part of a gauge.
Public classBodyDefines the visual elements of the body of the report and how the data is structured/grouped, and binds the visual elements to the data for the report.
Public classBorderRepresents the default border properties for the object.
Public classCapImageRepresents an image to be used for a pointer cap in a radial gauge.
Public classCellContentsRepresents a report item contained in the body, header, or corner cell of a tablix.
Public classChartRepresents a set of chart areas to be drawn as a single data visualization data region. The chart is defined much like a tablix, but instead of columns, rows, and cells, the chart has categories, series, and data points.
Public classChartAlignTypeDefines which aspects of the chart area should be aligned with the target chart area.
Public classChartAnnotationInfrastructure. Represents a chart annotation.
Public classChartAnnotationGroupRepresents multiple annotations that are grouped together.
Public classChartAreaRepresents a chart area to be drawn within a chart data region.
Public classChartAxisRepresents the properties for labels, titles and gridlines along an axis.
Public classChartAxisScaleBreakContains the scale break properties of an axis.
Public classChartAxisTitleRepresents the title of an axis.
Public classChartBorder3DAnnotationAn annotation with a 3D border.
Public classChartBorderSkinRepresents the appearance of the border skin around the plot area.
Public classChartCalloutAnnotationRepresents a callout-style annotation.
Public classChartCategoryHierarchyRepresents the category hierarchy for the chart.
Public classChartCodeParameterInfrastructure.
Public classChartDataRepresents the segmentation of the data into multiple series.
Public classChartDataLabelRepresents the data labels to display on data values.
Public classChartDataPointRepresents a data point for the chart. A data point may consist of a single value expression (for example in bar or line charts) or multiple value expressions (stock and bubble charts).
Public classChartDataPointValuesContains a set of data values for a data point in the chart.
Public classChartDerivedSeriesRepresents a derived series which is calculated from a formula applied to another series.
Public classChartElementPositionRepresents the position in which to draw a chart element.
Public classChartEllipseAnnotationRepresents an ellipse annotation.
Public classChartEmptyPointsRepresents the behavior for empty points in a series.
Public classChartFormulaParameterRepresents a parameter to a formula for a derived series.
Public classChartGridLinesRegresents the gridlines along an axis.
Public classChartImageAnnotationRepresents an image annotation in a chart.
Public classChartItemInLegendRepresents the behavior for a series or set of data points that are displayed in a legend.
Public classChartLegendRepresents the properties that can be used to display instances of the series groups in a chart legend.
Public classChartLegendColumnInfrastructure. Represents a legend column.
Public classChartLegendColumnHeaderInfrastructure. Represents a column header in a legend.
Public classChartLegendCustomItemInfrastructure. Represents a custom legend item.
Public classChartLegendCustomItemCellInfrastructure. Represents a cell in the custom legend item.
Public classChartLegendTitleRepresents a title for a legend.
Public classChartLineAnnotationRepresents a line annotation in a chart.
Public classChartMarkerRepresents a marker for displayed chart values.
Public classChartMemberRepresents a category or series member for a chart hierarchy.
Public classChartNoMoveDirectionsDefines which directions a smart label is not allowed to move.
Public classChartPathPointRepresents a path point in a polyline annotation.
Public classChartPolygonAnnotationRepresents a polygon annotation in a chart.
Public classChartPolylineAnnotationRepresents a polyline annotation in a chart.
Public classChartRectangleAnnotationRepresents a rectangular annotation in a chart.
Public classChartSeriesRepresents the list of data points for one series.
Public classChartSeriesHierarchyRepresents a series hierarchy in a chart.
Public classChartSmartLabelDefines the behavior of smart labels.
Public classChartStripLineRepresents a custom strip line for an axis
Public classChartTextAnnotationRepresents a text annotation in a chart.
Public classChartThreeDPropertiesContains the properties for 3D layout.
Public classChartTickMarksRepresents tick marks along an axis.
Public classChartTitleRepresents a title for the chart.
Public classClassContains information about a class to instantiate during report initialization. The class instance can be used in expressions in the report.
Public classColorPropertyRepresents a color property in the report.
Public classComparablePropertyDefinition<T>Represents a comparable property definition.
Public classConnectionPropertiesContains information about a data source connection.
Public classConstantsContains the constants that are used by the object model.
Public classContainedObjectRepresents a contained object.
Public classCustomDataRepresents the data to be handed to a custom report item and the way that data should be grouped, sorted, filtered and aggregated.
Public classCustomLabelRepresents a custom label for a scale.
Public classCustomPropertyThe contents of CustomProperty is passed through to rendering and custom report item components.
Public classCustomReportItemRepresents a report item that is not natively defined in RDL. Extended information about the custom report item is placed within the CustomProperties() property. Tools and servers that do not support the type use the [Microsoft.ReportingServices.RdlObjectModel.CustomReportItem.AltReportItem] property instead.
Public classDataCellDefines the list of data values to pass to the custom report item for a specific combination of leaf-node groups in CustomData.
Public classDataCellScopeServiceImplInfrastructure.
Public classDataHierarchyRepresents a hierarchy of data members.
Public classDataMemberRepresents the base class for a member in a data hierarchy.
Public classDataRegionRepresents the base class for a data region, such as Tablix.
Public classDataRegionBodyRepresents the body of a data region.
Public classDataRegionCellRepresents a cell in a data region.
Public classDataRegionPlaceholderRepresents a place holder in a data region.
Public classDataRowRepresents a data row.
Public classDataSetRepresents a dataset.
Public classDataSetReferenceRepresents a dataset that contains a list of valid parameter values or a default parameter.
Public classDataSourceRepresents a data source.
Public classDataSourceCredentialsRepresents a set of data source credentials.
Public classDataValueDefines a single value for the data point in the chart.
Public classDefaultValueSpecifies the default value to use for a parameter.
Public classDefinitionStore<T, E>Represents a property definition store.
Public classDoublePropertyRepresents a double property in the report.
Public classDrillthroughRepresents a drillthrough action.
Public classEmbeddedImageRepresents an embedded image.
Public classEmptyBorderRepresents a transparent border which takes up a space.
Public classEmptyColorStyleContains the style properties used for a null color.
Public classEnumPropertyInfrastructure. Represents a report enumeration property of a specific enumeration type.
Public classExternalXmlElementRepresents an external XML element.
Public classFieldRepresents a field in a dataset.
Public classFilterContains a list of filters that restrict rows of data in a dataset or data region, or restrict group instances in a grouping.
Public classFrameBackgroundRepresents the background of the frame for a gauge or gauge panel.
Public classFrameImageRepresents an image to be used for the frame background of a gauge or gauge panel.
Public classGaugeRepresents a gauge to be drawn within a gauge panel.
Public classGaugeImageInfrastructure. Represents a gauge image.
Public classGaugeInputValueRepresents an expression and optional formula used in a gauge.
Public classGaugeLabelRepresents a label to display within a gauge panel.
Public classGaugeMemberRepresents group, sort, and filter behavior for the data.
Public classGaugePanelRepresents a gauge panel for a data point or set of data points.
Public classGaugePanelItemRepresents an item to be drawn within a gauge panel.
Public classGaugePointerRepresents a pointer to be drawn against a scale.
Public classGaugeScaleRepresents a scale to be drawn within a gauge.
Public classGaugeTickMarksRepresents major tick marks along a scale.
Public classGroupRepresents a data group.
Public classHierarchyMemberRepresents a member in a hierarchy.
Public classImageRepresents an image.
Public classIndicatorStateRepresents the current state of a state indicator.
Public classIntPropertyRepresents an integer property in the report.
Public classLineRepresents a line report item.
Public classLinearGaugeRepresents a linear gauge to be drawn within a gauge panel.
Public classLinearPointerRepresents a linear pointer to be drawn against a linear scale.
Public classLinearScaleRepresents a linear scale to be drawn within a linear gauge.
Public classNumericIndicatorInfrastructure. Represents a numeric indicator.
Public classNumericIndicatorRangeInfrastructure. Contains range information for a numeric indicator.
Public classPageRepresents a page in the report.
Public classPageBreakDefines page break behavior for a group or report item.
Public classPageSectionRepresents the layout of report items to appear at the top or bottom of every page of the report.
Public classParagraphRepresents a paragraph of text within a text box and contains a collection of TextRun elements.
Public classParameterContains information about a parameter to a subreport or drillthrough.
Public classParameterValueRepresents a parameter value.
Public classPinLabelRepresents a label for a pin value at one end of a scale.
Public classPointerCapRepresents a pointer cap for a radial gauge.
Public classPointerImageRepresents an image to be used for a pointer in a gauge.
Public classPropertyDefinitionRepresents a property definition.
Public classPropertyDefinition<T>Represents a property definition.
Public classPropertyStoreRepresents a property store.
Public classQueryRepresents a query.
Public classQueryParameterRepresents a query parameter.
Public classRadialGaugeRepresents a radial gauge to be drawn within a gauge panel.
Public classRadialPointerRepresents a radial pointer to be drawn against a radial scale.
Public classRadialScaleRepresents a radial scale to be drawn within a radial gauge.
Public classRdlCollection<T>Represents an RDL collection.
Public classRdlCollectionBase<T>Represents the base class for an RDL collection.
Public classRectangleRepresents a rectangle.
Public classReportRepresents a report.
Public classReportElementRepresents the base class of a report element.
Public classReportExpression.CollectionsInfrastructure.
Public classReportExpression.FieldPropertiesInfrastructure.
Public classReportExpression.FunctionsInfrastructure.
Public classReportExpression.GlobalPropertiesInfrastructure.
Public classReportExpression.ParameterPropertiesInfrastructure.
Public classReportExpression.UserPropertiesInfrastructure.
Public classReportItemRepresents a report item, such as a rectangle or tablix.
Public classReportObjectRepresents a report object.
Public classReportObjectBaseRepresents the base class for a report object.
Public classReportParameterContains information about a parameter to the report.
Public classReportSizeConverterInfrastructure.
Public classScaleLabelsDefines the appearance of labels on a scale.
Public classScalePinRepresents a pin value at one end of a scale.
Public classScaleRangeRepresents a range to be drawn against a scale.
Public classSizePropertyRepresents a size property in the report.
Public classSortExpressionRepresents a sort expression.
Public classStateImageInfrastructure. Represents an image for the state indicator.
Public classStateIndicatorInfrastructure. Represents a state indicator.
Public classStringPropertyRepresents a report string property.
Public classStyleContains information about the style of a report item.
Public classSubreportRepresents a subreport.
Public classTablixRepresents a tablix, which is a flexible layout grid that has nested repeating column groups and row groups.
Public classTablixBodyDefines the layout and structure of the bottom right region that contains the data elements of the tablix.
Public classTablixCellRepresents the contents of each cell in the body section of a tablix.
Public classTablixColumnRepresents a column in the body section of a tablix.
Public classTablixCornerDefines the layout and structure of the upper left-hand corner region of a tablix. The height of the corner is the sum of the heights of the column headers. The width of the corner is the sum of the widths of the row headers.
Public classTablixCornerCellRepresents the contents of each corner cell in the tablix.
Public classTablixCornerRowRepresents the list of cells in a row of the corner section of a tablix.
Public classTablixHeaderRepresents a group header in a tablix.
Public classTablixHierarchyRepresents a hierarchy of members for the tablix.
Public classTablixMemberRepresents a member in a tablix hierarchy.
Public classTablixRowRepresents a tablix row that has a list of cells.
Public classTextboxRepresents a text box.
Public classTextRunRepresents a text run.
Public classThermometerDefines display properties for a linear gauge thermometer pointer.
Public classTickMarkImageRepresents a tick mark image.
Public classTickMarkStyleRepresents a tick mark that is associated with a custom label.
Public classToggleImageRepresents a toggle image that is displayed as a part of the text box.
Public classTopImageRepresents an image to be displayed atop part of a gauge.
Public classUserSortRepresents a sort control for the end-user.
Public classValidValuesProvides a list of possible values with which to populate a parameter list that is displayed to users.
Public classVariableRepresents a variable.
Public classVisibilityDefines whether a report item should be shown in the rendered report.

Public structureImageDataRepresents an image data.
Public structureReportColorRepresents a color in a report.
Public structureReportExpressionRepresents a report expression.
Public structureReportExpression<T>Represents an expression in the report.
Public structureReportSizeRepresents a unit of length on the report.

Public interfaceIContainedObjectRepresents a contained object.
Public interfaceIDataCellInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIDataScopeInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIDataScopeServiceInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIExpressionRepresents an expression.
Public interfaceIHierarchyRepresents a hierarchy.
Public interfaceIHierarchyMemberRepresents a hierarchy member.
Public interfaceIPropertyDefinitionRepresents a property definition.
Public interfaceIPropertyStoreRepresents a property store.
Public interfaceIReportDataInfrastructure.

Protected delegateReportObject.SwapValue<T>Infrastructure.

Public enumerationAccentSensitivitiesSpecifies whether the data is accent sensitive.
Public enumerationAntiAliasingTypesSpecifies the anti-aliasing type for the gauge panel.
Public enumerationBackgroundGradientsSpecifies the type of background gradient for a report item.
Public enumerationBackgroundHatchTypesSpecifies the hatching pattern for a report item.
Public enumerationBackgroundPositionsSpecifies where a BackgroundImage should be drawn if the value of the BackgroundRepeat property is set to Clip.
Public enumerationBackgroundRepeatTypesSpecifies how a BackgroundImage should fill the available space within its container report item.
Public enumerationBarStartTypesSpecifies where a linear pointer will start if Type is set to Bar.
Public enumerationBorderStylesSpecifies the style of a Border.
Public enumerationBreakLocationsSpecifies where a page break should occur for a Group or a ReportItem.
Public enumerationCalendarsSpecifies the calendar to use for formatting dates.
Public enumerationCapStylesSpecifies the type of a PointerCap.
Public enumerationCaseSensitivitiesSpecifies whether the data is case-sensitive.
Public enumerationChartAlignOrientationsSpecifies in which directions the chart area should be aligned with the target chart area.
Public enumerationChartAllowOutSidePlotAreaTypesSpecifies whether smart labels can be drawn outside the plot area.
Public enumerationChartAnchorAlignmentsRepresents the possible alignment options of an annotation anchor.
Public enumerationChartAnnotationAlignmentsRepresents the possible alignment options of a chart annotation.
Public enumerationChartArrowsTypesSpecifies the type of arrows for axis labels.
Public enumerationChartAxisLocationsSpecifies whether the axis must be drawn on the default side or on the opposite side.
Public enumerationChartAxisMarginVisibleTypesSpecifies whether an axis margin is visible.
Public enumerationChartAxisTitlePositionsSpecifies the position of the axis title along the axis.
Public enumerationChartBorderSkinTypesRepresents the possible types of border skin for a chart.
Public enumerationChartBreakLineTypesSpecifies the type of the line to use for the scale break lines.
Public enumerationChartCalloutAnchorCapTypesRepresents the possible anchor cap shapes.
Public enumerationChartCalloutLineAnchorTypesRepresents the possible anchor shapes.
Public enumerationChartCalloutLineStylesSpecifies the style of the callout line.
Public enumerationChartCalloutStylesSpecifies the style to use when drawing the callout lines.
Public enumerationChartColumnSeparatorTypesRepresents the possible types of column separators.
Public enumerationChartDataLabelPositionsSpecifies the position of the ChartDataLabel.
Public enumerationChartEndCapTypesRepresents the possible styles of the anchor cap at the end of a line.
Public enumerationChartFormulasSpecifies the formula applied to one or more chart series.
Public enumerationChartGridLinesEnabledTypesSpecifies whether major or minor grid lines are enabled.
Public enumerationChartHeaderSeparatorTypesSpecifies the type of separator to use for the legend header.
Public enumerationChartIncludeZeroTypesSpecifies whether to include zero on the axis scale.
Public enumerationChartIntervalOffsetTypesRepresents the interval offsets for tick marks on a chart axis.
Public enumerationChartIntervalTypesSpecifies the interval units.
Public enumerationChartLabelRotationTypesThe rotation increment for the axis labels to automatically fit within the Chart.
Public enumerationChartLegendColumnTypesRepresents the possible types of legend columns.
Public enumerationChartLegendItemAlignmentTypesRepresents the possible alignmnet options for a legend item in a chart.
Public enumerationChartLegendItemCellTypesRepresents the possible types for a cell in a legend item.
Public enumerationChartLegendItemSeparatorTypesSpecifies the type of separator to use for the legend item.
Public enumerationChartLegendLayoutsSpecifies arrangement of labels within the legend.
Public enumerationChartLegendReversedTypesSpecifies the order in which items are added to the legend.
Public enumerationChartMarkerTypesSpecifies the type of the marker.
Public enumerationChartPaletteHatchBehaviorTypesSpecifies whether hatching should be automatically applied to data points in the chart.
Public enumerationChartPalettesSpecifies color palette for the chart items.
Public enumerationChartPositionsRepresents the alignment positions of a chart element.
Public enumerationChartProjectionModesSpecifies the projection mode used for the 3D rendering.
Public enumerationChartSeriesDrawingStyleRepresents the drawing styles of bar or column series.
Public enumerationChartShadingsSpecifies the projection mode used for the 3D rendering.
Public enumerationChartStartCapTypesRepresents the possible styles of the anchor cap at the start of a line.
Public enumerationChartStripWidthTypesRepresents the interval types of strip lines.
Public enumerationChartSubtypesSpecifies the visualization subtype for the ChartSeries.
Public enumerationChartTickMarksEnabledTypesSpecifies whether major or minor tick marks are enabled.
Public enumerationChartTickMarkTypesSpecifies the type of the tick mark.
Public enumerationChartTitleSeparatorTypesSpecifies the type of separator to use between legend titles.
Public enumerationChartTypesSpecifies the visualization type for the ChartSeries.
Public enumerationChartVisibleTypesSpecifies whether a chart element is visible.
Public enumerationCommandTypesRepresents the possible query command types for querying a data source.
Public enumerationDataElementOutputTypesIndicates whether the item should appear in a data rendering.
Public enumerationDataElementStylesIndicates whether leaf-level values such as text box values and chart data values should render as elements or attributes.
Public enumerationDataSource.SecurityTypeEnumRepresents the available security types.
Public enumerationDataTypesRepresents the possible data types.
Public enumerationEvaluationModeRepresents the evaluation modes for a report expression.
Public enumerationFontStylesSpecifies the font style for the text within a report item.
Public enumerationFontWeightsSpecifies the thickness of font for text within a report item.
Public enumerationFormulaTypesSpecifies the type of calculation to perform on the values represented by Value if more than one value is present.
Public enumerationFrameShapesSpecifies the shape of a BackFrame.
Public enumerationFrameStylesRepresents the available styles for a frame.
Public enumerationGaugeBackgroundGradientsSpecifies the type of background gradient to for a ScaleRange.
Public enumerationGlassEffectsSpecifies the glass effect applied to the frame.
Public enumerationInterpretSubtotalsAsDetailsTypesSpecifies whether subtotal rows should be interpreted as detail rows instead of aggregate rows.
Public enumerationKanatypeSensitivitiesSpecifies whether the data is kanatype sensitive.
Public enumerationKeepWithGroupTypesSpecifies whether to keep a static member on the same page as the previous or next visible dynamic member.
Public enumerationLayoutDirectionsSpecifies the overall direction of the tablix layout.
Public enumerationLinearPointerTypesSpecifies the type of a LinearPointer.
Public enumerationListStyleSpecifies whether a paragraph is part of a list, and identifies the numbering type.
Public enumerationMarkerStylesSpecifies for a GaugePointer the type of the marker.
Public enumerationMarkupTypeSpecifies whether markup that appears in a text run should be processed.
Public enumerationNeedleStylesSpecifies the style of the RadialPointer needle.
Public enumerationNumericIndicatorStylesInfrastructure. Represents the available styles for the numeric indicator.
Public enumerationOperatorsRepresents available logical operators.
Public enumerationOrientationsSpecifies the orientation of the title text.
Public enumerationPlacementsInfrastructure. Represents the available placement options for gauges.
Public enumerationRadialPointerTypesSpecifies the type of a RadialPointer.
Public enumerationResizeModesSpecifies whether content will resize to fit in the available space of a GaugeLabel.
Public enumerationSizeTypesRepresents the available units for report size.
Public enumerationSizingsSpecifies the behavior of an Image if the actual image does not fit within the specified size of the image as denoted by Height() and Width().
Public enumerationSortDirectionsSpecifies the direction of the sort.
Public enumerationSourceTypeSpecifies the type of source for an Image.
Public enumerationStateIndicatorStylesInfrastructure. Represents the available styles for the state indicator.
Public enumerationTextAlignmentsSpecifies the horizontal alignment for the text within a report item.
Public enumerationTextAntiAliasingQualityTypesRepresents the anti-aliasing quality for text.
Public enumerationTextDecorationsSpecifies any special text formatting for the text within a report item.
Public enumerationTextDirectionsSpecifies whether text within a report item is written left-to-right or right-to-left.
Public enumerationTextEffectsSpecifies an effect to apply to the text within a report item.
Public enumerationTextOrientationsSpecifies the orientation of the title text.
Public enumerationThermometerStylesSpecifies the type of the thermometer that is used for a thermometer LinearPointer.
Public enumerationUnicodeBiDiTypesIndicates the level of bi-directional embedding.
Public enumerationUsedInQueryTypesSpecifies whether this parameter directly or indirectly affects the data in a report.
Public enumerationVerticalAlignmentsSpecifies the vertical alignment of text within a report item.
Public enumerationWatermarkTextRepresents the types of water mark text.
Public enumerationWidthSensitivitiesSpecifies whether the data is width-sensitive.
Public enumerationWritingModesSpecifies whether text is written vertically or horizontally.

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