This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

LocalReport Properties

  Name Description
Public property DataSources
Gets a collection of data sources used by the report.
Public property DisplayName 
Gets or sets the display name of the report.
(Inherited from Report.)
Public property EnableExternalImages
Indicates whether the report can be rendered if it has external images.
Public property EnableHyperlinks
Indicates whether the report can be rendered if it contains hyperlink actions.
Public property IsDrillthroughReport 
Indicates whether the report is a drillthrough report.
(Inherited from Report.)
Public property IsReadyForRendering 
Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether a report definition and all required parameters have been specified, and all data sources are ready for use.
(Inherited from Report.)
Public property OriginalParametersToDrillthrough
Returns the parameters passed from a parent report to this report, if it is a drillthrough report.
Public property ReportEmbeddedResource
Gets or sets the name of the report-embedded resource.
Public property ReportPath
Gets or sets the file system path of the local report.
Public property ShowDetailedSubreportMessages
Gets or sets a boolean value that indicates whether detailed messages should be displayed when an error occurs in a subreport.