LinkActiveColor Property
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ReportViewer.LinkActiveColor Property

Gets or sets the color of an active link in the control.

Namespace: Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms
Assembly: Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms (in microsoft.reportviewer.webforms.dll)

<DefaultValueAttribute(GetType(Color), "#3366CC")> _
<CategoryAttribute("Appearance")> _
<WebBrowsableAttribute(True)> _
Public Property LinkActiveColor As Color
Dim instance As ReportViewer
Dim value As Color

value = instance.LinkActiveColor

instance.LinkActiveColor = value
/** @property */
public Color get_LinkActiveColor ()

/** @property */
public void set_LinkActiveColor (Color value)

public function get LinkActiveColor () : Color

public function set LinkActiveColor (value : Color)

Property Value

A Color value indicating the color of the active link.
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