ReactiveTest Class

Base type to write tests for Rx code.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Reactive.Testing
Assembly:  Microsoft.Reactive.Testing (in Microsoft.Reactive.Testing.dll)

public ref class ReactiveTest

The ReactiveTest type exposes the following members.

Public methodReactiveTestInitializes a new instance of the ReactiveTest class.

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Public methodStatic memberOnCompleted<T>Factory method for a recorded OnCompleted notification at a given time.
Public methodStatic memberOnError<T>Factory method for a recorded OnError notification at a given time with a given error.
Public methodStatic memberOnNext<T>Factory method for a recorded OnNext notification at a given time with a given value.
Public methodStatic memberSubscribe(Int64)Factory method for a recorded subscription.
Public methodStatic memberSubscribe(Int64, Int64)Factory method for a recorded subscription.
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Public fieldStatic memberCreatedDefault virtual time used for creation of observable sequences in Rx tests.
Public fieldStatic memberDisposedDefault virtual time used to dispose subscriptions in Rx tests.
Public fieldStatic memberSubscribedDefault virtual time used to subscribe to an observable sequence in Rx tests.

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