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QueueMsgType enumeration
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QueueMsgType enumeration

Office 2013

Specifies the queue message type, for sending a job to the Project Server Queue System.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client (in Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.dll)

public enum QueueMsgType

Member nameDescription
UnknownValue=0. Unknown queue message type.
ACProjectSaveValue=1. Save jobs in the queue.
AdSyncERPValue=2. Do an Active Directory Domain Services synchronization for enterprise resource planning.
AdSyncGroupValue=3. Do an Active Directory Domain Services synchronization.
ArchiveCategoriesValue=4. Archive the security categories.
ArchiveCustomFieldsValue=5. Archive the custom fields.
ArchiveGlobalProjectValue=6. Archive the enterprise global data.
ArchiveResourcesValue=7. Archive the enterprise resources.
ArchiveSystemSettingsValue=8. Archive the system settings.
ArchiveViewsValue=9. Archive the views.
BumpPriorityValue=10. Increase the job priority.
CBSProjRendezvousValue=11. Make a Cube Build Service project congregation.
CBSRequestValue=12. Make the Cube Build Service request.
CBSTsRendezvousValue=13. Create the Cube Build Service timesheet congregation.
CreateProposalProjectValue=14. Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2010 or Project Server 2013. Create the project proposal.
CreateWssSiteValue=15. Create the SharePoint site.
DeleteWssSiteValue=16. Delete the SharePoint site.
LWPUpgradeToProjectValue=17. Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2010 or Project Server 2013. Upgrade the SharePoint project to a Project Server project.
NotificationMessageValue=18. Send the notification message.
ProjectArchiveValue=19. Archive the project.
ProjectArchiveRetentionDeleteValue=20. Set the project archive retention policy to delete.
ProjectCheckInValue=21. Check in the project.
ProjectCreateValue=22. Create the project.
ProjectDeleteValue=23. Delete the project.
ProjectPublishValue=24. Publish the project.
ProjectRenameValue=25. Rename the project.
ProjectRestoreValue=26. Restore the project from the Archive database.
ProjectReversePublishValue=27. Undo the project publication.
ProjectUpdateValue=28. Update the project.
ProjectUpdateTeamValue=29. Update the project team.
PublishNotificationsValue=30. Publish the notifications.
QueueCleanupValue=31. Clean the queue.
ReportingAttributeCubeSettingsSyncValue=32. Synchronize the cube settings with the Reporting database.
ReportingBaseCalendarSyncValue=33. Synchronize the base calendar with the Reporting database.
ReportingCustomFieldMetadataSyncValue=34. Synchronize the custom field metadata with the Reporting database.
ReportingEntityUserViewRefreshValue=35. Refresh the user view entity with the Reporting database.
ReportingFiscalPeriodsSyncValue=36. Synchronize the fiscal periods with the Reporting database.
ReportingLookupTableSyncValue=37. Synchronize the lookup table with the Reporting database.
ReportingProjectDeleteValue=38. Delete the project in the Reporting database.
ReportingProjectPublishValue=39. Mark the project as published in the Reporting database.
ReportingResourcesCapacityRangeSyncValue=40. Synchronize the resource capacity range with the Reporting database.
ReportingResourceSyncValue=41. Synchronize the resource data with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetAdjustValue=42. Adjust the timesheet data in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetClassSyncValue=43. Synchronize the timesheet class with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetDeleteValue=44. Delete the timesheet in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetPeriodDeleteValue=45. Delete the timesheet period in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetPeriodSyncValue=46. Synchronize the timesheet period with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetSaveValue=47. Save the timesheet in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetStatusSyncValue=48. Synchronize the timesheet status with the Reporting database.
ReportingWSSSyncValue=49. Synchronize the SharePoint data with the Reporting database.
ResourcePlanCheckInValue=50. Check in the resource plan.
ResourcePlanDeleteValue=51. Delete the resource plan.
ResourcePlanPublishValue=52. Publish the resource plan.
ResourcePlanSaveValue=53. Save the resource plan.
RestoreCategoriesValue=54. Restore the security categories.
RestoreCustomFieldsValue=55. Restore the custom fields.
RestoreGlobalProjectValue=56. Restore the enterprise global project data.
RestoreResourcesValue=57. Restore the resources.
RestoreSystemSettingsValue=58. Restore the system settings.
RestoreViewsValue=59. Restore the views.
RulesProcessAllValue=60. Process all rules.
RulesProcessAllAutoForManagerValue=61. Automatically process all rules for the manager.
RulesProcessAllForManagerValue=62. Process all rules for the manager.
RulesProcessSingleForManagerValue=63. Process the single rule for the manager.
StatusApprovalValue=64. Approve the status.
Timer1Value=65. Internal use only.
Timer10Value=66. Internal use only.
Timer2Value=67. Internal use only.
Timer3Value=68. Internal use only.
Timer4Value=69. Internal use only.
Timer5Value=70. Internal use only.
Timer6Value=71. Internal use only.
Timer7Value=72. Internal use only.
Timer8Value=73. Internal use only.
Timer9Value=74. Internal use only.
TimerMessageValue=75. Internal use only. Send a timer message.
TimerRzNotifyValue=76. Internal use only.
TimerRzProjValue=77. Internal use only.
TimerRzTSValue=78. Internal use only.
TimesheetMessageValue=79. Send the timesheet message.
TimesheetDeleteValue=80. Delete the timesheet.
TimesheetRecallValue=81. Recall the timesheet.
TimesheetReviewValue=82. Review the timesheet.
TimesheetSubmitValue=83. Submit the timesheet.
TimesheetUpdateValue=84. Update the timesheet.
ReportingSyncGlobalDataValue=85. Synchronize the enterprise global data with the Reporting database.
SynchronizeMembershipForWssSiteValue=86. Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Synchronize membership for the SharePoint site.
SynchronizeSingleUserMembershipInWssValue=86. Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Synchronize membership for the SharePoint site.
ReportingRefreshValue=88. Refresh the Reporting database.
UpdateScheduledProjectValue=89. Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2013. Update the scheduled project.
WorkflowStartWorkflowValue=90. Start the workflow.
AnalysisDeleteValue=91. Delete the project portfolio analysis.
AnalysisCreateValue=92. Create the project portfolio analysis.
AnalysisUpdateValue=93. Update the project portfolio analysis.
PlannerSolutionCreateValue=94. Create the Planner solution.
PlannerSolutionDeleteValue=95. Delete the Planner solution.
OptimizerSolutionCreateValue=96. Create the Optimizer solution.
OptimizerSolutionDeleteValue=97. Delete the Optimizer solution.
TimesheetLineApprovalValue=98. Approve the timesheet line.
PeriodicTasksValue=99. Set the periodic tasks.
PDPUpdateProjectImpactsValue=100. Update the project impacts in a project detail page.
ExchangeSyncTasksValue=101. Synchronize tasks with Microsoft Exchange.
ReportingAttributeCubeDepartmentSyncValue=102. Synchronize the cube department with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetProjectAggregationValue=103. Aggregate the timesheet project in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetAssignmentsUpgradeValue=104. Upgrade the timesheet assignments in the Reporting database.
WorkflowCheckinNotifyValue=105. Send a notification about the workflow check in.
WorkflowChangeWorkflowValue=106. Change the workflow.
ProjectPublishSummaryValue=107. Publish the project summary.
ReportingOlapDatabaseSettingsSyncValue=108. Synchronize the OLAP database settings for reporting.
ReportingWorkflowMetadataSyncValue=109. Synchronize the workflow metadata with the Reporting database.
ReportWorkflowProjectDataSyncValue=110. Synchronize the workflow project data with the Reporting database.
ReportEptSyncValue=111. Synchronize the enterprise project template with the Reporting database.
ReportingSummaryPublishValue=112. Synchronize the published project summary with the Reporting database.
ReportingSolutionCommitedDecisionSyncValue=113. Synchronize the solution committed decision with the Reporting database.
WorkflowCommitNotifyValue=114. Send a notification about the workflow commit action.
ReportingTimesheetAssignmentsRefreshValue=115. Refresh the timesheet assignments in the Reporting database.
UpdateProjectSitePathValue=116. Update the project site path.
AddSingleUserMembershipInWssValue=117. Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Add the single user membership in SharePoint Server.
DeleteSingleUserMembershipInWssValue=118. Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Delete the single user membership in SharePoint.
TimeSheetUpdateResourceNonWorkingTimeValue=119. Update resource nonworking time in the timesheet.
SyncProjectEnterpriseEntitiesValue=120. Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2013. Synchronize the enterprise entities in the project.
LastMessageValue=121. End of the queue messages. Internal use only.
ExchangeCalOofSyncValue=122. Synchronize the resource calendar with out-of-office periods in Microsoft Exchange.
PreparePSPermissionSynchronizationValue=123. Prepare to synchronize the global Project Server permission.
PSPermissionSynchronizePWASiteValue=124. Synchronize the Project Web App site with the Project Server permission.
PSPermissionSynchronizeProjectSiteValue=125. Synchronize the Project Server permission with the project site.
PreparePSProjectPermissionSynchronizationValue=126. Prepare to synchronize the project-level permission.
ScheduleWebPartSaveValue=127. Schedule web part save.
ProjectImportTaskListValue=128. Protect import task list.
TimesheetUpdateSRAForResourceValue = 129.

The QueueMsgType enumeration in the CSOM is equivalent to QueueConstants.QueueMsgType in the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library namespace. The QueueMsgType constants can be used with the QueueJob.MessageType property.

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