Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Regions.Behaviors Namespace

Public classAutoPopulateRegionBehavior
Populates the target region with the views registered to it in the IRegionViewRegistry.
Public classBindRegionContextToDependencyObjectBehavior
Defines a behavior that forwards the RegionContext to the views in the region.
Public classDelayedRegionCreationBehavior
Behavior that creates a new IRegion, when the control that will host the IRegion (see TargetElement) is added to the VisualTree. This behavior will use the RegionAdapterMappings class to find the right type of adapter to create the region. After the region is created, this behavior will detach.
Public classRegionActiveAwareBehavior
Behavior that monitors a IRegion object and changes the value for the IsActive property when an object that implements IActiveAware gets added or removed from the collection.
Public classRegionCreationException
Represents errors that occured during region creation.
Public classRegionManagerRegistrationBehavior
Subscribes to a static event from the RegionManager in order to register the target IRegion in a IRegionManager when one is available on the host control by walking up the tree and finding a control whose RegionManager property is not nulla null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).
Public classRegionMemberLifetimeBehavior
The RegionMemberLifetimeBehavior determines if items should be removed from the IRegion when they are deactivated.
Public classSelectorItemsSourceSyncBehavior
Defines the attached behavior that keeps the items of the Selector host control in synchronization with the IRegion. This behavior also makes sure that, if you activate a view in a region, the SelectedItem is set. If you set the SelectedItem or SelectedItems (ListBox) then this behavior will also call Activate on the selected items.

When calling Activate on a view, you can only select a single active view at a time. By setting the SelectedItems property of a listbox, you can set multiple views to active.
Public classSyncRegionContextWithHostBehavior
Behavior that synchronizes the Context property of a IRegion with the control that hosts the Region. It does this by setting the RegionContext Dependency Property on the host control. This behavior allows the usage of two way databinding of the RegionContext from XAML.

Public interfaceIHostAwareRegionBehavior
Defines a IRegionBehavior that not allows extensible behaviors on regions which also interact with the target element that the IRegion is attached to.