Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Interactivity.InteractionRequest Namespace

Public classConfirmation
Represents an interaction request used for confirmations.
Public classConfirmationChildWindow
A basic confirmation child window that can host content and provides OK and Cancel buttons.
Public classInteractionRequest<T>
Implementation of the IInteractionRequest interface.
Public classInteractionRequestedEventArgs
Event args for the Raised event.
Public classInteractionRequestTrigger
Custom event trigger for using with IInteractionRequest objects.
Public classNotification
Represents an interaction request used for notifications.
Public classNotificationChildWindow
The notification ChildWindow to use when displaying Notification messages.
Public classPopupChildWindowAction
Concrete class that pops up a specified child window or a default child window configured with a data template.
Public classPopupChildWindowActionBase
Base class for trigger actions that handle an interaction request by popping up a child window.

Public interfaceIInteractionRequest
Represents a request from user interaction.