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AssemblyRuleSerializationExtension Class

Retired Content

This content and the technology described is outdated and is no longer being maintained. For more information about Transient Fault Handling, see Transient Fault Handling.

Rule store serialization extension that scans an assembly and creates extension elements based on the types available in the assembly.

Namespace: Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.WindowsAzure.Autoscaling.Rules.Configuration
Assembly: Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.WindowsAzure.Autoscaling (in Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.WindowsAzure.Autoscaling.dll) Version: 5.0.1118.0 (5.0.1118.0)

public class AssemblyRuleSerializationExtension : IRuleSerializationExtension

The extension scans the assembly and looks for types that have an XmlRootAttribute with an element name and a namespace and inherits from ReactiveRuleActionElement and ParameterElement to create CustomElementDefinition<TParentElement> from them.

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