Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.WindowsAzure.Autoscaling.Rules.Configuration Namespace

Retired Content

This content and the technology described is outdated and is no longer being maintained. For more information about Transient Fault Handling, see Transient Fault Handling.


Public class AndConditionElement
Public class AssemblyRuleSerializationExtension
Rule store serialization extension that scans an assembly and creates extension elements based on the types available in the assembly.
Public class BlobConfigurationFileAccess
Accesses a file in an Azure Blob.
Public class BlobXmlFileRulesStore
A XmlFileRulesStore that retrieves the xml file from a blob.
Public class ChangeSettingActionElement
Public class ComparisonConditionElement
Public class ConditionElement
Public class ConditionElementContainer
Public class ConditionElementsContainer
Public class ConfigurationFileAccessException
Represents errors while accessing a configuration file from a IConfigurationFileAccess.
Public class ConfigurationFileChangedEventArgs
Represents a change in a configuration file.
Public class Constants
Public class ConstraintRuleElement
Public class CustomElementDefinition<TParentElement>
Defines a custom element for serialization in a XmlFileRulesStore.
Public class DailyRecurrenceElement
Public class DataPointsParameterElement
Public class EqualsCompareConditionElement
Public class FixedDayMonthlyRecurrenceElement
Public class FixedDayYearlyRecurrenceElement
Public class GreaterCompareConditionElement
Public class GreaterOrEqualCompareConditionElement
Public class LessCompareConditionElement
Public class LessOrEqualCompareConditionElement
Public class LocalConfigurationFileAccess
Accesses a file in the local file system.
Public class LocalXmlFileRulesStore
A XmlFileRulesStore that retrieves the xml file from the local file system.
Public class NotConditionElement
Public class OrConditionElement
Public class ParameterElement
Base class for elements representing operands.
Public class PerformanceCounterParameterElement
Public class QueueLengthParameterElement
Public class ReactiveRuleActionElement
Base class for elements representing ReactiveRuleAction
Public class ReactiveRuleElement
Public class RecurrenceElement
Public class RelativeMonthlyRecurrenceElement
Public class RelativeYearlyRecurrenceElement
Public class RoleInstanceCountParameterElement
Public class RuleElement
Public class RulesConfigurationLogFormatter
Public class RuleSet
Public class RuleSetElement
Public class RuleSetSerializer
Public class ScaleInstancesActionElement
Public class SetScaleRangeActionElement
Public class TimetableElement
Public class WeeklyRecurrenceElement
Public class XmlFileRulesStore
Rules store that keeps rules in an XML file.

Public interface IConfigurationFileAccess
Provides access to an XML file.
Public interface IRuleSerializationExtension
Extension for rule store serialization.

Public enumeration AggregateType