Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.WindowsAzure.Autoscaling.Rules Namespace

Retired Content

This content and the technology described is outdated and is no longer being maintained. For more information about Transient Fault Handling, see Transient Fault Handling.


Public class ActionExecutionException
Represents errors while executing an action.
Public class ChangeSettingAction
A ReactiveRuleAction that changes a configuration setting for a role.
Public class ChangeSettingResult
Represents a change to a configuration setting for a role.
Public class ConfigurationChangeResult
Represents a change in the configuration of a target (a role or a scale group).
Public class ConstraintRule
A rule triggered by a Timetable that constrains the instance count for targets.
Public class DailyRecurrence
A recurrence that applies each day of the allowed period.
Public class DateTimeHelper
Helper class for dealing with dates.
Public class ExecuteActionResult
A RuleEvaluationResult that indicates that an action needs to be executed.
Public class FixedDayMonthlyRecurrence
Monthly recurrence on a fixed day of the month.
Public class FixedDayYearlyRecurrence
Yearly recurrence on a fixed day of the year.
Public class ReactiveRule
A rule triggered by a IRuleCondition.
Public class ReactiveRuleAction
Represents an action in a ReactiveRule.
Public class Recurrence
Abstract class for recurrence patterns.
Public class RelativeMonthlyRecurrence
Monthly recurrence for a relative day of the week.
Public class RelativeYearlyRecurrence
Yearly recurrence for a relative day of the week on a given month.
Public class Rule
Represents a scaling rule
Public class RuleEvaluationContext
Public class RuleEvaluationResult
Represents the outcome of the evaluation of a Rule.
Public class RulesEvaluator
Performs the evaluation of the rules in a rules store and acts on the results of the evaluation.
Public class RulesEvaluator.RuleAndResults
Public class RulesLogFormatter
Public class RulesStoreException
Represents errors that occur while accessing a IRulesStore.
Public class ScaleInstancesAction
Public class ScaleRoleInstancesResult
Public class SetRoleInstancesRangeResult
Public class SetScaleRangeAction
Public class Stabilizer
A Stabilizer implementation that relies on instance count changes from a IInstanceCountChangedProvider.
Public class StabilizerSettingsItem
Stabilizer settings for a single role.
Public class StabilizerSettingsProvider
Settings for an IStabilizerSettingsProvider.
Public class Timetable
Represents recurrent periods of time.
Public class WeeklyRecurrence
Weekly recurrence on specific days of the week.

Public structure ScaleAmount
Represents a scaling amount.

Public interface IRuleEvaluationContext
Context of a rule evaluation run.
Public interface IRulesStore
Represents a store for rules and operands.
Public interface IStabilizer
A stabilizer filters scaling requests to avoid scaling too frequently.
Public interface IStabilizerSettingsProvider
Provides settings for a IStabilizer.

Public enumeration DaysOfWeek
Represents one or more days of the week
Public enumeration RelativeDayOfWeek
Relative day of the week.
Public enumeration RelativeDayPosition
Represents a day of the week in a month.
Public enumeration ScaleAmountUnit
Unit of scaling.