Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.TraceListeners Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AsynchronousTraceListenerWrapper
Trace listener that wraps a normal trace listener to perform asynchronous tracing requests.
Public class CustomTraceListener
Base class for custom trace listeners that support formatters.
Public class EmailTraceListener
A TraceListener that writes an email message, formatting the output with an ILogFormatter.
Public class EntLibLoggingProxyTraceListener
Proxy listener for writing the log using the Logger class.
Public class EnvironmentHelper
Helper class for working with environment variables.
Public class FlatFileTraceListener
A TraceListener that writes to a flat file, formatting the output with an ILogFormatter.
Public class FormattedEventLogTraceListener
FormattedEventLogTraceListener is a TraceListener that wraps an FormattedEventLogTraceListener and uses a ILogFormatter to transform the data to trace.
Public class FormattedTextWriterTraceListener
Extends TextWriterTraceListener to add formatting capabilities.
Public class FormattedTraceListenerBase
Base class for TraceListeners that deal with formatters.
Public class FormattedTraceListenerWrapperBase
Base class for Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.TraceListeners that wrap other trace listeners and use a ILogFormatter to format the trace information.
Public class MsmqSendInterfaceFactory
Implementation of the MsmqSendInterfaceFactory contract that deals with an actual MSMQ.
Public class MsmqTraceListener
Is a TraceListener that delivers the log entries to an Msmq instance.
Public class RollingFlatFilePurger
Purges archive files generated by the RollingFlatFileTraceListener.
Public class RollingFlatFileTraceListener
Performs logging to a file and rolls the output file when either time or size thresholds are exceeded.
Public class RollingFlatFileTraceListener.DateTimeProvider
A data time provider.
Public class RollingFlatFileTraceListener.StreamWriterRollingHelper
Encapsulates the logic to perform rolls.
Public class TallyKeepingFileStreamWriter
Represents a file stream writer that keeps a tally of the length of the file.
Public class XmlTraceListener
Represents a trace listener that writes entries as XML-encoded data to a file.

  Interface Description
Public interface IAsynchronousTraceListener
Implements asynchronous tracing.
Public interface IMsmqSendInterface
Specifies the contract for a MSMQ interface object.
Public interface IMsmqSendInterfaceFactory
Specifies the contract for a provider of MSMQ interfaces.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EmailAuthenticationMode
This enumeration defines the options that the EmailTraceListener can use to authenticate to the STMP server.
Public enumeration RollFileExistsBehavior
Defines the behavior when the roll file is created.
Public enumeration RollInterval
Defines the frequency when the file need to be rolled.