Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.Filters Namespace


  Class Description
Public class CategoryFilter
Represents a client-side log filter based on message category. Either specific categories can be explicitly allowed, or specific categories can be denied.
Public class LogEnabledFilter
Represents a Boolean on/off filter.
Public class LogFilter
Abstract implementation of the ILogFilter interface.
Public class LogFilterHelper
Provides client-side log filtering based on category and priority. Each filter implements the ILogFilter interface and is registered in this class. Category filtering is done using a CategoryFilter and priority filtering is done using a PriorityFilter.
Public class PriorityFilter
Represents a client-side log filter based on message priority. Messages with priorities between the minimum and maximum values are allowed to be processed, all other messages are dropped.

  Interface Description
Public interface ILogFilter
Represents the interface for client-side message filters.
Public interface ILogFilterErrorHandler
Contract for handling errors during evaluation of an ILogFilter.