Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.ExceptionHandling Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ExceptionFormatter
Represents the base class from which all implementations of exception formatters must derive. The formatter provides functionality for formatting Exception objects.
Public class ExceptionHandlingException
An exception that occurred during the exception handling process.
Public class ExceptionManager
Non-static entry point to the exception handling functionality.
Public class ExceptionPolicy
Represents a policy with exception types and exception handlers.
Public class ExceptionPolicyDefinition
Represents a policy for handling exceptions.
Public class ExceptionPolicyEntry
Represents an entry in an ExceptionPolicy containing an exception type as the key and a list of IExceptionHandler objects as the value.
Public class ExceptionPolicyFactory
Factory for ExceptionPolicyDefinition objects. This class is responsible for creating all the internal classes needed to implement a ExceptionPolicyDefinition.
Public class ExceptionUtility
Provides common functions for the Exception Handling Application Block classes. Cannot inherit from this class.
Public class ReplaceHandler
Replaces the exception in the chain of handlers with a cleansed exception.
Public class TextExceptionFormatter
Represents an exception formatter that formats exception objects as text.
Public class WrapHandler
Wraps the current exception in the handling chain with a new exception of a specified type.
Public class XmlExceptionFormatter
Represents an exception formatter that formats exception objects as XML.

  Interface Description
Public interface IExceptionHandler
Defines the contract for an ExceptionHandler. An ExceptionHandler contains specific handling logic (i.e. logging the exception, replacing the exception, and so forth.) that is executed in a chain of multiple ExceptionHandlers. A chain of one or more ExceptionHandlers is executed based on the exception type being handled, as well as the ExceptionPolicy.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PostHandlingAction
Determines what action should occur after an exception is handled by the configured exception handling chain.