Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ColumnNameMapping
Represents the mapping from a database column to a PropertyInfo.
Public class CommandAccessor<TResult>
Base class for Data Accessors that execute a DbCommand.
Public class ConnectionString
ConnectionString class constructs a connection string by inserting a username and password into a template.
Public class DaabAsyncResult
This class represents an asynchronous operation invoked from the Database class methods.
Public class DataAccessor<TResult>
An interface representing an object that wraps a database operation. An Accessor is executed, at which point it will go out to the database and return a IEnumerable<T> of whatever type is.
Public class Database
Represents an abstract database that commands can be run against.
Protected class Database.OldConnectionWrapper
This is a helper class that is used to manage the lifetime of a connection for various Execute methods. We needed this class to support implicit transactions created with the TransactionScope class. In this case, the various Execute methods need to use a shared connection instead of a new connection for each request in order to prevent a distributed transaction.
Public class DatabaseConnectionWrapper
This is a small helper class used to manage closing a connection in the presence of transaction pooling. We can't actually close the connection until everyone using it is done, thus, we need reference counting.
Public class DatabaseExtensions
Class that contains extension methods that apply on Database.
Public class DatabaseFactory
Contains factory methods for creating Database objects.
Public class DatabaseProviderFactory

Represents a factory for creating named instances of Database objects.

Public class DataReaderWrapper
Wrapper class that implements a pass through version of IDataReader. Useful for various places where we need to wrap data readers for connection management.
Public class FuncMapping
Represents a property that will be assigned the value of a user specified function when mapping.
Public class GenericDatabase
The GenericDatabase is used when no specific behavior is required or known for a database.
Public class MapBuilder<TResult>
Static entry point for the IMapBuilderContext<TResult> interface, which allows to build reflection-based IRowMapper<TResult>s.
Public class ParameterCache

Provides parameter caching services for dynamic parameter discovery of stored procedures. Eliminates the round-trip to the database to derive the parameters and types when a command is executed more than once.

Public class PropertyMapping
Base class for mapping values to properties by the ReflectionRowMapper<TResult>.
Public class RefCountingDataReader
An implementation of IDataReader which also properly cleans up the reference count on the given inner DatabaseConnectionWrapper when the reader is closed or disposed.
Public class ReflectionRowMapper<TResult>
An implementation of IRowMapper<TResult> that uses reflection to convert data rows to TResult. Instances of this class can be build using the MapBuilder<TResult> API.
Public class SprocAccessor<TResult>
Represents a stored procedure call to the database that will return an enumerable of TResult.
Public class SqlStringAccessor<TResult>
Represents a call to the database using SQL that will return an enumerable of TResult.
Public class TransactionScopeConnections
This class manages the connections that will be used when transactions are active as a result of instantiating a TransactionScope. When a transaction is active, all database access must be through this single connection unless you want to use a distributed transaction, which is an expensive operation.

  Interface Description
Public interface IMapBuilderContext<TResult>
A fluent interface that can be used to construct a IRowMapper<TResult>.
Public interface IMapBuilderContextMap<TResult, TMember>
A fluent interface that can be used to construct a IRowMapper<TResult>.
Public interface IMapBuilderContextTest<TResult>
This type supports the Enterprise Library infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public interface IParameterMapper
Interface used to interpret parameters passed to an Execute(Object[]) method and assign them to the DbCommand that will be executed.
Public interface IResultSetMapper<TResult>
Represents the operation of mapping a IDataReader to an enumerable of TResult.
Public interface IRowMapper<TResult>
Represents the operation of mapping a IDataRecord to TResult.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration UpdateBehavior
Used with the Database.UpdateDataSet method. Provides control over behavior when the Data Adapter's update command encounters an error.