SecureCredentialProvider Class

Applies to: PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint Server, Enterprise version
Provides credentials for data source authentication.


Namespace:  Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.Server (in Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.Server.dll)

public class SecureCredentialProvider : IDisposable

Custom data source providers can use the SecureCredentialProvider object to impersonate the credentials for the Unattended Service Account in a data source connection, as determined by the DataSource.ConnectionContext property.

Use SecureCredentialProvider where a connection to the data source is initiated, such as in the CustomDataSourceProvider.GetCubeNames() method or the CustomDataSourceProvider.GetPreviewDataSet(Int32) method. The pattern to use is shown in the following code snippet.

using (new ConnectionContextHelper(this.ConnectionContext, new SecureCredentialProvider()))
        // Prior to this point, a connection would be created and configured.

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