ScorecardNodeTypes Enumeration

Applies to: PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint Server, Enterprise version
Represents the types of scorecard node or header.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

Namespace:  Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards
Assembly:  Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.Client (in Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.Client.dll)

public enum ScorecardNodeTypes

Member nameDescription
NoneRepresents an unknown type.
MemberRepresents a dimension member header.
KpiRepresents a key performance indicator (KPI) header.
KpiActualRepresents a key performance indicator (KPI) actual header.
KpiTargetRepresents a key performance indicator (KPI) target header.
ScorecardDetailsRepresents additional properties of scorecard elements.
DocumentLinksRepresents links to other elements.
NamedSetRepresents a named set header.
AggregateRepresents an aggregate header.