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Microsoft.Office.Web.Conversion.ViewerInterface namespace

SharePoint 2013

  Interface Description
Public interface IAppSettings Dictionary for application server settings
Public interface IEditServerCallBack Editing specific server callback
Public interface IFileManager Interface Applications will talk to for file create, open and close
Public interface IServer Interface that should be implemented by applications that need to be hosted in the conversion framework. This interface implementation will provide the necessary interop with unmanaged code and exception mapping and also parameter validation.
Public interface IServerCallBack Interface that should be used by applications to talk to Application manager
Public interface IServerLog
Public interface ISqm
Public interface ITranslation Interface used by applications to perform machine translation of document content. See Microsoft.Office.Web.Conversion.ViewerInterface.TranslationFaults namespace for faults which are thrown from these methods.
Public interface IViewerServer Viewer specific server
Public interface IViewerServerCallBack Viewer specific server callback

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Category Provides all the categories used for logging, asserts, and similar tools.
Public enumeration DocumentSection
Public enumeration EventId Events available specifically to appserverhost clients
Public enumeration FileManagerResult
Public enumeration Level Levels available specifically to appserverhost clients
Public enumeration ServerResultCode Specifies a server result code.
Public enumeration SqmStreamType stream types available specifically to appserverhost clients
Public enumeration ViewFormat Supported viewing formats. Each represents one package in the store.
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