DocumentBase.ConvertVietDoc Method (Int32)


Converts a Vietnamese document to Unicode using a code page other than the default.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.v4.0.Utilities (in Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.v4.0.Utilities.dll)

public void ConvertVietDoc(
	int codePageOrigin


Type: System.Int32

The original code page used to encode the document.

Use the ConvertVietDoc method if you want a document to be viewable on another computer or platform.

The following code example uses the ConvertVietDoc method to convert the active document from the Vietnamese ABC code page to Unicode. This example assumes that the active document is encoded using the Vietnamese ABC code page. To use this example, run it from the ThisDocument class in a document-level project.

private void DocumentConvertVietDoc()
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