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Bookmark.LanguageID Property


Gets or sets the language for the Bookmark control.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word (in Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.dll)

WdLanguageID LanguageID { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.WdLanguageID

One of the WdLanguageID values.

For a custom dictionary, you must first set the P:Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Dictionary.LanguageSpecific property to true before specifying the LanguageID property. Custom dictionaries that are language specific only look at text formatted for that language.

The following code example adds a Bookmark control to the document and then applies formatting to the bookmark based on the LanguageID of the text within the bookmark.

This example is for a document-level customization.

private void BookmarkBiDi()
    Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.Bookmark bookmark1 =

    int WordTrue = 1;
    if (bookmark1.LanguageID == Word.WdLanguageID.wdArabic || 
        bookmark1.LanguageID == Word.WdLanguageID.wdHebrew)
        bookmark1.BoldBi = WordTrue;
        bookmark1.ItalicBi = WordTrue;
        bookmark1.Bold = WordTrue;
        bookmark1.Italic = WordTrue;
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