Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel Namespace (2007 System)

The Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel namespace contains a set of classes that extend and support the Microsoft Office Excel object model in projects created by using Visual Studio Tools for Office. The types in this namespace can be used only in Visual Studio Tools for Office projects. For more information about these projects, see Visual Studio Tools for Office Project Templates Overview.

The Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel namespace includes the following classes:

Public classActionRepresents a Visual Studio Tools for Office smart tag action in a Microsoft Office Excel workbook.
Public classActionEventArgsProvides data for the Click and BeforeCaptionShow events.
Public classBeforeAddDataBoundRowEventArgsProvides data for the BeforeAddDataBoundRow event.
Public classChartRepresents an embedded chart in Visual Studio Tools for Office projects for Microsoft Office Excel.
Public classChart._HasAxisTypeInfrastructure.
Public classChartSheetA ChartSheet host item is a worksheet in Excel that contains only a chart and exposes events.
Public classChartSheet._HasAxisTypeInfrastructure.
Public classControlCollectionRepresents a collection of managed controls on an Excel worksheet that is part of a Visual Studio Tools for Office solution.
Public classControlCollectionEnumeratorAn enumerator that iterates through the ControlCollection instance.
Public classErrorAddDataBoundRowEventArgsProvides information for the ErrorAddDataBoundRow event.
Public classExcelLocale1033AttributeSpecifies whether to pass the locale ID (LCID) 1033 to Microsoft Office Excel for all culture-sensitive calls to the Excel object model, regardless of the locale settings defined for the computer.
Public classExcelLocale1033ProxyProvides methods that modify how a specified native Microsoft Office Excel object passes locale ID (LCID) information to the Excel object model.
Public classListObjectThe ListObject control displays data in a series of rows and columns.
Public classListObjectNotDataBoundExceptionThe exception that is thrown when you use the Disconnect method of a ListObject that is not bound to data.
Public classNamedRangeA NamedRange control is a range that has a unique name, exposes events, and can be bound to data. For more information, see NamedRange Control.
Public classNamedRange._AddressLocalTypeInfrastructure.
Public classNamedRange._AddressTypeInfrastructure.
Public classNamedRange._CharactersTypeInfrastructure.
Public classNamedRange._EndTypeInfrastructure.
Public classNamedRange._ItemTypeInfrastructure.
Public classNamedRange._OffsetTypeInfrastructure.
Public classNamedRange._ResizeTypeInfrastructure.
Public classOLEObjectRepresents a linked or embedded control on a worksheet.
Public classOriginalDataRestoredEventArgsProvides data for an OriginalDataRestored event.
Public classSetDataBindingFailedExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when an attempt to set data binding on the NamedRange control, Chart control, XmlMappedRange control, or ListObject control fails.
Public classSmartTagRepresents a smart tag in Microsoft Office Excel.
Public classWorkbookRepresents a workbook in Visual Studio Tools for Office projects for Microsoft Office Excel. 
Public classWorkbook._ColorsTypeInfrastructure.
Public classWorksheetRepresents a worksheet that exposes events and acts as a container for controls in Visual Studio Tools for Office projects for Microsoft Office Excel.
Public classWorksheet._RangeTypeInfrastructure.
Public classXmlMappedRangeAn XMLMappedRange control is a range that is created when a non-repeating schema element is mapped onto a cell.
Public classXmlMappedRange._AddressLocalTypeInfrastructure.
Public classXmlMappedRange._AddressTypeInfrastructure.
Public classXmlMappedRange._CharactersTypeInfrastructure.
Public classXmlMappedRange._EndTypeInfrastructure.
Public classXmlMappedRange._ItemTypeInfrastructure.
Public classXmlMappedRange._OffsetTypeInfrastructure.
Public classXmlMappedRange._ResizeTypeInfrastructure.

Public interfaceIListObjectDesignSupportInfrastructure.

Public delegateActionClickEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Click event of an Action.
Public delegateBeforeAddDataBoundRowEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the BeforeAddDataBoundRow event of a ListObject.
Public delegateBeforeCaptionShowEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the BeforeCaptionShow event of an Action.
Public delegateErrorAddDataBoundRowEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles an ErrorAddDataboundRow event.
Public delegateListObjectChangeHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Change event of a ListObject.
Public delegateOriginalDataRestoredEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles the OriginalDataRestored event.
Public delegateWorkbookEvents_NewEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the New event of a Workbook.

Public enumerationChangeReasonProvides the reason that the original data was restored to a ListObject that is bound to data.
Public enumerationChangeTypeProvides information about how a ListObject control restored data that was changed by a user.
Public enumerationFailureReasonProvides the reason why the ListObject data binding failed.
Public enumerationFormatSettingsSpecifies the type of formatting that is applied to the ListObject when it is bound to data.
Public enumerationListRangesSpecifies the range of a ListObject that has changes.

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