Microsoft.Office.SharePointWorkspace.AddIn Namespace

SharePoint 2010

The Microsoft.Office.SharePointWorkspace.AddIn namespace provides the classes and interfaces to access a SharePoint Workspace add-in tool, including the workspace members, tool data connector, and tool context.

Public interfaceISPWApplicationProvides context information about the application runtime environment, such as contact information for current user running SharePoint Workspace.
Public interfaceISPWContactProvides information about a contact who is a member of the workspace.
Public interfaceISPWDataConnectorProvides the connection between the underlying tool data and your add-in datasets.
Public interfaceISPWManagedToolAddinProvides the add-in handlers that control the add-in tool lifetime events.
Public interfaceISPWManagedToolAddinUIProvides the add-in handlers that control the tool user interface lifetime events.
Public interfaceISPWMemberProvides information about the workspace member, including the member's role in the workspace.
Public interfaceISPWToolProvides access to the tool and the tool context.
Public interfaceISPWToolUIProvides access to the tool's user interface.
Public interfaceISPWWorkspaceProvides the workspace name and the workspace members.