Microsoft.Office.Server.WorkManagement.ProviderOM namespace

SharePoint 2013

  Class Description
Public class AggregatorToProviderTaskUpdate Updates task information to a provider application.
Public class AggregatorToProviderUpdateInfo Contains information used by the work management service to update the provider of a task.
Public class BaseAggregatorToProviderTaskUpdate Updates a task to the provider application.
Public class BulkEdit Contains task updates made to providers by the work management service.
Public class BulkEditResult Provides results of task edits to the provider.
Public class DashboardExtensionInfo Represents dashboard script extension information.
Public class ProviderLocationSyncInfo Provider location fields editable by the aggregator infrastructure and readable by the provider.
Public class ProviderLocationUpdate Contains editable fields by providers.
Public class ProviderTaskSyncInfo Provider task fields that are editable by aggregator infrastructure and readable by the provider.
Public class ProviderTaskUpdate Class containing updatable properties for the task.
Public class TaskEditErrors Contains errors from providers after a task is edited.
Public class TaskEditResult The result of editing a single task in provider.
Public class TaskUpdateValues Class containing updatable properties for the task by the aggregator.
Public class UpdatedValue<T>

  Interface Description
Public interface IProviderLocationCollection
Public interface IProviderTaskCollection Contains methods for task maintenance.
Public interface IWmaTaskProviderContext
Public interface IWmaTaskRefreshContext Contains information about task objects needing to be refreshed.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration LocationType
Public enumeration TaskEditErrorType Possible errors while trying to apply a task edit from the aggregator on to provider