Microsoft.Office.Server.Utilities Namespace

Public classCommonUtilityRepresents a common utility object that expands URL tokens, confirms that an object is not null, tries to get fields, and other functions used by the content iterator and timer job APIs.
Public classContentIteratorProvides methods to iterate list items, lists, sites to regulate the amount of data that is transferred (i.e., to avoid throwing a SPQueryThrottledException).
Public classEventReceiverUtilityContains common helper code for writing event receivers.
Public classSharePointTimeZoneRepresents a time zone.
Public classSPFolderHierarchyThis class is an abstraction over the folders in a SharePoint Server list designed to work around limitations in the SharePoint Server object model around iterating the folders in a large list.
Public classTimerJobUtilityExtends the ContentIterator class to provide additional functionality that is useful for writing timer jobs.
Public classWorkItemTimerJobStateUsed to track state for each iteration through processing work items.

Public delegateContentIterator.FileProcessorRepresents a delegate for processing a file.
Public delegateContentIterator.FileProcessorErrorCalloutRepresents a delegate for handling errors that occur when processing a file.
Public delegateContentIterator.ItemProcessorA delegate that represents a group of settings that indicate how to process individual items in a ContentIterator object.
Public delegateContentIterator.ItemProcessorErrorCalloutProvides logging information when processing items in a list by using a ContentIterator object.
Public delegateContentIterator.ItemsProcessorRepresents a delegate for processing a page of list items.
Public delegateContentIterator.ItemsProcessorErrorCalloutDelegate for handling errors processing a list of items.
Public delegateContentIterator.ListProcessorDelegate for processing a list.
Public delegateContentIterator.ListProcessorErrorCalloutDelegate for handling errors processing a list.
Public delegateContentIterator.SiteProcessorDelegate for processing a site.
Public delegateContentIterator.SiteProcessorErrorCalloutDelegate for handling errors processing a site.
Public delegateContentIterator.SitesProcessorDelegate for processing an enumeration of sites.
Public delegateContentIterator.WebProcessorDelegate for processing a web.
Public delegateContentIterator.WebProcessorErrorCalloutDelegate for handling errors processing a web.
Public delegateEventReceiverUtility.ItemEventReceiverCodeToRunDelegate for running code in an item event receiver while recovering from version conflicts.
Public delegateEventReceiverUtility.ListEventReceiverCodeToRunDelegate for running code in a list event receiver while recovering from version conflicts.
Public delegateEventReceiverUtility.WebEventReceiverCodeToRunDelegate for running code in a web event receiver while recovering from version conflicts.
Public delegateTimerJobUtility.ProcessWorkItemWithStateDelegate to process a single work item with state.

Public enumerationIterationGranularityThe granularity of the iteration.

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