OrganizationProfile Properties

The OrganizationProfile type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property CurrentChangeToken Gets the current UserProfileChangeToken object for the change logs of this profile's ProfileType. (Inherited from ProfileBase.)
Public property DisplayName Gets or sets the display name of the organization. (Overrides ProfileBase.DisplayName.)
Public property HasChildren Gets a Boolean value indicating whether this OrganizationProfile object has at least one child.
Public property ID Gets the GUID that uniquely identifies this OrganizationProfile object. (Overrides ProfileBase.ID.)
Public property IsValid Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether this OrganizationProfile object is valid.
Public property Item Returns the organization property values of the specified property.
Public property MembersCount Gets a count of members in the organization.
Public property OrganizationProfileManager Gets the OrganizationProfileManager object that created this OrganizationProfile object.
Public property Parent Gets or sets the parent of this organization. (Overrides ProfileBase.Parent.)
Public property ProfileManagerBase (Overrides ProfileBase.ProfileManagerBase.)
Public property ProfileSubtype Gets or sets the profile subtype for this property. (Inherited from ProfileBase.)
Protected property ProfileSubtypeId Gets or sets the profile subtype ID. (Inherited from ProfileBase.)
Public property ProfileType (Overrides ProfileBase.ProfileType.)
Public property Properties Gets the ProfileSubtypePropertyManager object for this profile. (Inherited from ProfileBase.)
Public property PublicOrganizationViewUrl Gets the URL of the organization view page for this profile. (Inherited from ProfileBase.)
Public property PublicUrl (Overrides ProfileBase.PublicUrl.)
Public property RecordId Gets the profile's record identifier. (Inherited from ProfileBase.)
Public property ViewerRights Returns a bitmask of the viewer's rights to see this profile's data. (Inherited from ProfileBase.)