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The DefaultQueryProperties type exposes the following members.

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  Name Description
Public field bypassResultTypes Specifies whether the ResultTypes obtained from the search results should be used or overridden.
Public field culture Specifies the locale for a query.
Public field desiredSnippetLength Specifies the preferred summary length.
Public field enableInterleaving Specifies whether the ResultTable objects in the ResultTableCollection produced by running a query should be interleaved.
Public field enableNicknames Specifies whether the exact terms in the search query are used to find matches, or if nicknames are used as well.
Public field enableOrderingHitHighlightedProperty Specifies whether hit highlighted properties should be ordered by hit highlighted terms.
Public field enablePhonetic Specifies whether the phonetic forms of the query terms are used to find matches.
Public field enableQueryRules Specifies whether Query Rules are enabled for a particular query.
Public field enableStemming Specifies whether stemming is enabled.
Public field hitHighlightedMultivaluePropertyLimit Specifies a multi-valued hit highlighted property limit.
Public field processBestBets Determines whether Best Bets are enabled.
Public field processPersonalFavorites Determines whether personal favorites data is processed.
Public field summaryLength Specifies the length of the search result summary.
Public field trimDuplicates Specifies whether duplicate items should be removed from the search results.
Public field uiLanguage Specifies the UI language.