AnalyticsHashTagWebPart class

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The AnalyticsHashTagWebPart class is a Web Part class introduced in SharePoint Server 2013. This Web Part displays the most popular hash tags under the title Trending #tags.

Each AnalyticsHashTagWebPart is associated with a collection of up to 20 of the most popular hash tags that were used in the past week. This collection is sorted in descending order based on the frequency of use; the most popular hash tag is placed first.

When the web page is rendered, a search query for the hash tags is issued automatically and the AnalyticsHashTagWebPart inserts the results into the web page in JSON format.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.WebControls
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search (in Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.dll)

[AspNetHostingPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand, Level = AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.Minimal)]
[SharePointPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand, ObjectModel = true)]
[AspNetHostingPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.LinkDemand, Level = AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.Minimal)]
[SharePointPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.LinkDemand, ObjectModel = true)]
public class AnalyticsHashTagWebPart : AnalyticsRecommendationScriptWebPart

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